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  • joeypoles joeypoles Dec 17, 2012 2:16 PM Flag

    ahhhaa not sure if your still long aapl?

    She's fighting like hell holding that 505 area no 500even sell signal on point watch for 3 box key you don't want her to fail there. She likes 3 box patterns and a 3 box pattern coming from maj support than rolls back down is not good at best she gives off triple bottom at worst she takes out maj line and it's very possible much lower prices are ahead. What i like to see with patterns coming from the maj support area is she rallies 4 or more boxs not 3 than she rolls over with and most times she stops just above last low forming flag pattern which is a low risk using a 1 box stop ? Again not sure were you stand my guess was your long? Either way good luck to you.

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    • Poles lets skip the chart talk(No disrespect intended). Somebody just gave me this new charting thing and its p iss ing me OFF... WHO THE F watches a 60 or 20 or minute MOVING F K ING AVG?. F K THAT AND THE P O S.. I got an IDIOT whose got so many indicators on the SCREEN it looks like Air traffic control at O HARE AIRPORT AT ITS PEAK.........SORRY Poles. Okay. Yeah apple. SOLD $504s POLES. I HAD a SWEET LONG. F K ed up again. A REAL DOOOOOISH. Then I quit. Like you said. $500 could be NOT A GOOD THING. Its holding. Lots of bears out there. But lots of bulls to. The Fundamentals of the stock supposedly look good.

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      • Sorry didn't know my chart talk bothered you,, at least now some one had balls to tell me to stop i respect that.always thought i was helping? now i know why no one gets back to me. Charts are the only way i know how to trade. traders who watch 20-60 minute charts are most times day traders otherwise really no need to watch it throws your thinking off if you looking at a long term trade.You watch fundamentals and your gut seems to work well for you also .. Again won't bother the board and thanks for being honest . All the best

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