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  • joeypoles joeypoles Apr 6, 2014 1:01 PM Flag

    Zacks see light and end of tunnel for cme

    not a fan of them but hell right now i will take any good news i can get even though i bet the mkt pays it no mind I really wouldn't mind if the cme was losing a ton of money earnings were #$%$ poor and we took hit understand and that's part of trading BUT when they knock her down not because earnings are poor but because of a letter going years back they hurt us and now this #$%$ that has more to do with srtk exchanges than comdy ice takes a hit which it should and we take a bigger hit ,why? I don't mind losing money have lost and will lose more but to lose it because of god knows why i find that hard to understand If i weren't a seat holder i won't be even looking at the cme But i cant be 2 faced getting the stk has been a blessing going back with NMX made enough money on my 2 seats with comex that has made being out of work for 10 years after getting hurt in wtc in 9/11with no pay ck i wouldn't have been able to get buy without selling one off my homes So i really shouldn't #$%$ about the stk because it;s going down it's all gains plus i get more with the divi and leases than i do with 1% cds So i guess i shouldn't be a baby and cry all the time because she's down Good luck to all the long this week.,

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    • poles, like I said earlier this week, that's the rub. we are desperately trying to figure this stock out and we cant. nothing makes sense. especially the comparison to ice(up $10 wed. and thurs. while cme still falls). you, like me, would be much happier saying bye bye to this stock and moving on. that doesn't mean we have to give up our seats, though I don't know why i am still holding them(who knows, maybe that lawsuit will bring in some $$$). when you get a $2 div. or $4 with the special, it still doesn't matter if the stock loses 4x that....

    • The reasonable and proper perspective. Its just an opportunity to buy shares on sale (The last thing I want to do is buy more but when the gun is put to your head you do it). You are right that nobody would buy this looking at the chart and most don't understand the business and also think its corrupt. But, the little guy doesn't matter anyway. The big boys will glommer it up and I am sure that the funds will also be adding to their holdings. Zacks, no fan here either. Red the report that you cited. Just a bunch of spun mumbo jumbo as if they have any clue how to value what future earnings are going to be. No-one can and thats why they just use a colllective average looking out 1-2 years. Am glad that Barron's didn't slam it even thouh they don't mean squat either but they do have that short term influence on things. Here's to a nice bounce back higher. You know, I have been trying to figure out what markets the high frequency traders could influence when it comes to futures and the only one that CME does that could be subject to it would be the e-mini S&P's? The other contracts I just don't see it.

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