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  • I have to give you credit for tenacity. To keep fighting those sharpcharts guys four or five times a year (can't remember if the special is paid when the quarterly is) for how many years now?
    I completely agree with you about the p and f rules. But the website doesn't keep track of the charts day after day with pencil on paper like an individual trader. It just calculates the chart based on the instantaneous digital feed it gets from a data-providing service. Much like Yahoo gets. If that service were to change their past settlement prices in the middle of the day, stockcharts p+f charts would change at that moment.
    If you look at Yahoo's historical cme prices, you would see the real prices and the adjusted settlement.prices. The latter is what stockcharts gets.

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    • What you say is so true you know what's funny the bar charts the ones that should adj for divi is bar and there good no change what i got out of them the last time not to be adj for divi but the system is set up so all stks are adj.if they would have to change their system for the point chart would screw up all the stks that should be adj for divi what i don't understand not being a computer guy why can't they have a system put in to have point charts only not to be adj for divi?? I keep the chart by hand off of bar chart which is 100% right but the sad part it does me no good because the traders use the service and go what they see so they will look to go short i guess with that 66 print they put in and calling for a count to dowside to 54 crazy i think my guess is the worst they can do low 60s i would hope? Your guess is as good as mine as i am having hard time to be objective here thinking of selling rest of position by close and not look to buy scale down like i wanted to. If that chart was right and it was any other stk would go short with calls ? But i can't trust what i see on their system have good weekend

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      • HATE IT.. You would buy that... It like your D _ _ K...Melted

      • I think its always good to have some CME on. Reason being, none of us know when volumes are going to come back and the market will start to buy ahead of that rumor so to speak. With that, one might end up paying more before they know it. Like to think that the market looks to discount things about 6 months out and right now they are discounting for slow times. There is at least a 50/50 chance that they are wrong and volumes return sooner. Get the election buzz going and if there is a perception and probability that things could get shaken up with that election volumes could start to show up sooner than one might think. Also, with the potential yield and current yield, position players will begin to buy and they will also begin to buy well ahead of the next special that comes oh so fast in December's announcement. In the meantime, its just slow. Have a great weekend too.

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