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  • joeypoles joeypoles Jun 8, 2014 6:45 PM Flag

    stock charts explanation of the dividend with relation to the point and figure charts

    Thank you for sending us your message. We adjust our historical price data to remove the effects of fund distributions, dividends and stock splits from our charts including Point and Figure.

    We now offer special unadjusted ticker symbols for most stocks and ETFs. To see a chart of unadjusted data, just add an underscore character to the front of the stock's normal symbol.

    Splits, distributions and dividends are "artificial" changes in the price of a ticker symbol that create gaps on technical charts causing misleading signals from technical indicators. To eliminate those gaps, we decrease our historical prices (and increase our historical volume data) in a way that removes these misleading signals.

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    • Wow, poles, what an interesting find, and I'm not kidding. That split is a problem, though.

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      • Nice work Special Agent Poles. You stuck with it and got answers. Interesting to put them both up. Like you said the other day, the .50X1.50 didn't change nor did the .25X.75. The big difference is in the 1X3 where the buy signal is still holding as the dividend was too much for the adjusted chart to handle and took away the 72 print. I do wonder when they said to you in the reply that they "now offer unadjusted ticker symbols" when exactly did they start doing that? Just maybe they caught enough backlash from others that led to that change? Thinking that unless you are a subscriber to with them that you have about a zero chance of knowing what it was that you found out. So one would think that the masses who do not know will be using the adjusted charts. At least stockcharts recognized this and did allow for another way to look at things. With CME and the stock split, what that does is not allow for very much ability to look back for clues on say, 3 box swings or other patterns as there isn't enough data yet to do so but in time, there will be. From the unadjusted bar chart its so clear when the special div hit and when you look at the point you can see that much of those down boxes were because of it. Again, good going, lets see if we can put some lipstick on this CME pig.

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