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China Armco Metals, Inc. Common Message Board

  • mawsii1 mawsii1 Oct 6, 2010 7:16 PM Flag

    I welcome the Barron! First on the adjenda is to change ir firms

    He's now controlling close to half of the float...great, time to buy back in, but the company needs to get their act together immediately. We need a new IR firm that doesn't get paid in free shares of stock to sell into the market..A firm located in New York, that is actually an IR firm with writers, producers, get news media people involved. Get the story out. This vacuum of zero news is ridiculous, especially with all the Chinese equities under constant short attack...Why do we not know how much material has been processed to date, how much we are now doing monthly, why have we not put out a press release on any commodity sales since Dec 2 2009? Nothing, but restating reduced earings..Give the market data points, news, anything...Silence is not golden here China Direct, get on it please!! that said, we are drastically undervalued here and no one knows it but the
    Barron...and a few hard longs!! good luck all