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  • noonespecialjustme1234 noonespecialjustme1234 Feb 6, 2013 8:07 AM Flag

    "Increase profits by large margin....significant increase in sales"...WOW!!!

    We are confident that we will benefit from the certification as well as the possible tax refund. The tax refund when effective could lower our costs and increase our profits by a large margin, which may ease our capital stress and improve our competitive edge. Also, with the certification we are allowed to act as procurement agency for other uncertified companies, which could boost our domestic purchases and total sales," said Mr. Kexuan Yao, Chairman and CEO of China Armco. "In addition, we had a very good start for 2013 compared to previous years. So far the orders we have received for 2013 are significantly more than the same period of previous years. We believe that we will have a significant increase in sales in 2013."

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    • I am not that optimistic about Q4, but I am very confident about Q1, Q2 and its future .....
      cnam has taking a big step forward,its business model has been transformed into the green industry which the 18th communist party congress #1 priority, that is why we would see its tax refund, better things might be coming too.
      Great Wall of China is not built in one day, the chairman and his new team will definetly bring cnam into a much better and a profitable company.
      buy on any dips.

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    • The company was trading well above where it is today and it appears with this news we could have sales and income numbers equal to numbers of several years ago, when again the stock was a higher than it is now BY A MULTIPLE.