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  • noonespecialjustme1234 noonespecialjustme1234 Feb 6, 2013 12:57 PM Flag

    Let's talk DATA...

    #1 Equivalent of 60% of the total revenue from last year booked 5 weeks into 2013.
    #2 Certified to be eligible for up to 50% tax benefits which substantially improve profit.
    #3 Cost is now under control.
    #4 Confirmed in press release they see substantial gains in revenue this year coming.

    Always let the data guide you. The reason there are few bashers on this board because there is nothing to bash. If you don't get in then it's your own fault.

    My prediction for Q4 earnings: Low end .10 to .14 cents / high end .15 to 23 cents per share.

    AGAIN THE DATA IS ALL OUT THERE. This could be stock of Q1.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • It's been a month since I posted this and OMAR posted similar info as well. In regards to Q4 the numbers are there and can easily be calculated. My only confusion at this point is how it's been held down so long. I agree with OMAR in the fact when it finally moves it will be fast. I would also expect to start seeing some news as early as next week. I'm sure by now they've booked more orders. Don't forget they booked 60% of last years revenues in the 1st month of this year. You know they've booked more and the only difference is it's now profitable business.

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      • no one special, are those orders booked or delivered or counted or what? i sense they may not be on the books yet. there are still shares to be shorted by the hedge fund that bought the pipe. they may be timing it to be done shorting by later in the month. i wonder if this lawsuit is related to the suppression of the stock by the hedge fund? I may call IR.

    • Data is fine.. but it's not the reason the stock price isn't moving.. it's about distrust and fear.. after witnessing the absolute punishment this has sustained at every point in the past.. however this time something different is happening, there is a very separate and important element that will turn the stock around shortly, and it doesn't truly have anything to do with numbers or valuations in all honesty.. too many people bury their nose in the balance sheet and are oblivious of the meta game being played behind the scene.. this one.. is in it's final stages of being played.. it's going to explode, all the signs are completely obvious if you just dig around for awhile

    • I saw a guy this weekend at my kids hoops game.....he is in the recycling business here in Pittsburgh...he said business is terrible in scrap metals right now....maybe it is that way everywhere?
      Maybe that is why PPS is low.....
      Let's see what 10-K looks like.....