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  • mrhooptyjanky mrhooptyjanky Mar 31, 2013 7:27 AM Flag

    There is a reason, it is .375 and it is not earnings

    Smart people stay away from the puzzles of the companies... ie see CHOP as you cannot even figure out the trail of what is being said in the CC or done in advice is "Stay Away". Have listened to CNAM CC calls before...same deal. It will go up a few pennies, but Wall St will never invest in these kinds of entities...

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    • I'm OK with your CHOP analysis. CHOP has about 9.8% Margin CNAM just reported 11.6% and CHOP is at $1.94. The kicker is CHOP has 3X the shares CNAM has so CNAM should jump to about $6 per share based on your comparison. I'll take it...where do I sign.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • I respect your right to disagree. However i believe if you have a grievance you should be less cryptic and more concrete.
      I find it extremely hard to believe that after years of serial losses, the stock will not respond positively to pick up in it's core business after a long wait, and quarter on quarter profits, with 1q further profits expected. I think you need to separate this stock form many other chienese reverse mergers that suspiciously report profits every quarter.. this company has not imo covered up or hidden their losses, but laid them bare in full for us to see. They have had difficulty meeting their goals, but they have finally started to get the rubber to the pavement. We are looking at a company with raid acceleration in business execution and a book value of 2.00 per share. imo any profitable company that can be trusted should never trade below 1/2 book value, granted there is some dilution concerns, which is probably a large reason for low share price, i do believe we will not see much more dilution unless it is to expand utilization capacity beyond 800,000 TPY processing, which could really put this company into the next level for the future, no one has even been considering the expenditures on Armet Holdings, which imo may be close to a plan to expand operations here now that we can show sustainable business plan and sustainable profit, management may go ahead and launch the next phase in expansion. I think big news could be close imo.

    • Then why would you even watch CNAM if you believe in such statement? You are either A - lost money in the stock or B- you are low life trying to discourage others, either way . You shouldn't post , I don't believe in Robin Hood types trying to save others from losing money.