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  • rc08201 rc08201 Mar 13, 2000 6:12 PM Flag


    1- Internet access

    Satellite will not be
    any significant threat to cable. Satellite Access
    will be cumbersome and impractical, you will still
    need a slow phone line or a fast CABLE Modem to
    complete your loop and if you have a cable modem WHY
    bother, in the new Wired World you will need to have
    Cable or you will be left out. You say WHY, ok
    THINK!!!Your Phone service will be provided over your Cable
    box, TV (150+ channels, Sports packages, movies on
    demand, interactive advertising, Intranet, *Bis to Bis,
    And a lot more) And you will pay one bill a month.
    with no hassle!! The only hardware you need will be
    your Cable Box and Modem which will be installed by
    your Cable operator. NO DISH on roof, no Satellite
    modem, no additional phone lines, no dial up (you are
    wired to the Intrenet 24 Hrs a day at light speed , to
    me that in itself is a BIG +) The advantage
    definitely goes to Cable. *A future cash cow for

    2- Programming
    You will NOT get as many channels
    with Cable as you will with Sat. But who wants to
    watch the local news in 49 other states or watch the
    same movie on 10 channels the only advantage is Sports
    but now with digital cable you will be able to get
    NFL, NHL, NBA, etc Sports Packages
    which will level
    out the playing field. And with Cable you don't have
    to worry about the weather (rain) or if your dish is
    aimed right and you still need a phone line for Sat.
    Service. The advantage slightly goes to Cable now but will
    be more compelling in the future as the Cable
    Companys roll out more and more services.And once their
    networks are in place the services will role out

    Most Cable Companys have little or no wireless but
    wireless will be a must to complete the equation of a
    total package for the Wired World, that is why I
    believe the Cable stocks of today will soon belong to the
    Communication giants of tomorrow

    4-Cable Stocks vs DBS
    When the investment community finally realizes that
    much of the above is true the cable stocks will be the
    hottest sector on Wall Street for quite a while. That is
    until they are all bought out which I believe will
    ultimately happen. That is why funds like* Janus etc are
    heavily waited in cable

    * Check out the Janus
    Fund, Janus Growth, Janus Special Situation etc. Look
    at their allocations in Cable. These are all highly
    ranked funds. Comcast top 10 holding in a lot of their

    5-DSL (Done Sooner or Later)
    Pushing old technology
    to the limit will NEVER come close to competing with
    FIBER, not a long term threat to Cable Internet
    access.Cable networks will soon be the Expressway to the WIRED
    WORLD. DBS, DSL etc. will have to take the

    6- Cable Head vs Dish Jockey

    What's your

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    • Nice reply. I am sure it took a while to put it
      all together. You are right on. Cable has already won
      this battle. That is why although I hate my cable
      company (Cox) because of continualy annual rate
      increases, I bought the stock to get even and make some

      Mr. Seadog is a disguntled union worker who owns no
      Cox, dropped his Cox subscription when they were
      battling with Fox because he wasn't going to get his
      beloved football game, and just can't seem to let go.
      Definitely Postal Worker Syndrome material. Hopefully, he
      has left on his four month sea voyage so we can have
      some peace here.