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  • DGBoeing DGBoeing Apr 16, 2000 5:34 PM Flag

    Does anyone out there have the unified

    package from Cox ... DSL modem, telephone, and cable, all delivered on one fiber connection, with one monthly bill?

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    • Bully, your rather arrogant message did state
      that you were from "the most affluent city in OC". So
      I asked you where that city is, you responded "The
      Pro El Toro Newport Beach". If that was humor then I
      missed it. I was trying to start an intelligent debate,
      obviously you are only capable of meaningless chants about
      jets flying over holes in the ground. I suggest we
      both get back to discussing Cox stock. This is not the
      forum for this type of debate.

    • What is your problem? Seems to me, you can't
      recognize humor when you see it. Do you just cruise these
      boards waiting to pounce on someone for no reason? You
      sound like someone who has a massive chip on his
      shoulder. Oh, and what makes you think I even support an
      airport at El Toro? Just a conclusion you jumped to
      without any basis. Please go back into the hole you
      crawled out of. May a thousand jets a day fly 500 feet
      over your hole-in-the-ground.


    • I might have guessed. On what criteria do you
      base your statement that NB is the most affluent city
      in OC? Probably the same criteria you use to try and
      justify an airport at El Toro. I have news for you the
      rest of OC will not allow that airport to be built.
      You, George and the three corrupt county supervisors
      should give it up.

    • Cox Communications, Inc. reports financial
      results for the three months ended March 31, 2000

      4/25/00 5:26:43 PM Cox Communications, Inc. today
      reported financial results for the three months ended
      March 31, 2000. President and Chief Executive Officer,
      Jim Robbins said, "Our total pro forma revenues
      increased 11% over 1999, while pro forma operating cash
      flow grew 8%. We also achieved strong growth with our
      advanced digital communications services, ending the
      quarter with more than 840,000 new-service revenue
      generating units (RGUs)."

      In addition, Cox
      Communications announced that its Board of Directors has
      authorized the purchase of up to $500 million of Cox's Class
      A Common Stock. Check this site out it�s the best I use it every day

    • JAG Notes Staff reported on the latest Jefferies & Co Views.
      COX target $50

    • I think you may be right. I recall reading in our
      local newspaper a couple of years ago that PacBell was
      installing fiber optics in my area and there was some street
      work at the time. I also read the article on Sol
      Trujillo's experience and have been wondering about that
      possibility as well.

      It is puzzling how the telcos can
      be pushing DSL (which from my work experience with
      it, I find to be quite speedy) while at the same time
      updating their systems to fiber optic cable. Seems like a
      conflict. I wonder if they will be calling DSL customers in
      the future and saying, "Mr. Customer, the good news
      is you now have higher quality fiber optic telephone
      service. The bad news is you will no longer have DSL


    • The pro El Toro city of Newport Beach!!!!

    • Because I want to be able to access the internet
      while outside my home. I will consider Cox@home, but
      since I have moved from a 28k modem on a 166MHz PC with
      32 meg of RAM to a 56k modem on a PC with 750MHz and
      192meg of RAM, I have found the speed of accessing web
      pages to be rather fast. It is about 1 to 2 seconds
      slower than the commercial DSL line in my office. Of
      course, I realize that if I wanted to download a large
      file, it would be a lot slower. So, for now, I am quite
      satisfied with the speed on my new PC. If that changes, I
      will go to Cox, which by the way is $10 per month less
      than PacBell DSL.

    • PacBell has probably already rebuilt the network
      in your area to fiber. If that is the case, you'll
      never get DSL, since it is available only over copper.
      This also happened to Sol Trujillo, CEO of US West. He
      lives in a neighborhood that is served by a fiber
      network. He wanted DSL but couldn't get it, so US West put
      a T1 into his house instead.

      Regardless of
      what the DSL marketing machine would have you believe,
      fiber is the future in telecom, not copper. DSL is an
      old technology, and the only reason it was finally
      rolled out is to keep from losing more marketshare to
      companies like Cox.

      There is a real conflict here,
      since the Bells have already spent so much time and
      money building out with fiber in so many areas and are
      now using DSL in others. It should be interesting to
      see what happens.

    • I too live in an affluent Orange County city, and
      I have all of Cox's services and couldn't be
      happier. The commercials depicting a neighborhood fighting
      over "a single cable line" are very deceiving. Yes my
      modem does slow down somewhat at peak times but it is
      always faster than my T1 line at work. I don't think DSL
      can even compare to a T1 on its best day. You should
      give Cox's modem a try. By the way where is "the most
      affluent city in Orange County"?

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