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  • bully4u2 bully4u2 Apr 19, 2000 5:05 PM Flag

    Does anyone out there have the unified

    I am a Cox shareholder, a Cox Cable subscriber
    and a PacBell internet subscriber. I live in the most
    affluent community in Orange County, CA. My home is about
    1 1/2 miles from a large PacBell switching station,
    so for the past couple of years that PacBell has
    advertised DSL, I always presumed I could have

    Well, I just purchased a new PC and decided to go with
    DSL because 1) I already had a PacBell ISP account
    with my e-mail address. 2) I would be able to access a
    PacBell ISP line when traveling. 3) The phone jack was
    right next to my PC, whereas the cable jack was across
    the room. 4) PacBell is offering free equipment and

    So, I call PacBell to order up a DSL line. Well, they
    tell me that despite being within 1 1/5 miles of the
    switching station, DSL is not available in my area.
    Apparently, there is more than distance from a switching
    station at play here. When asked when I could expect DSL
    service, the service rep checked the schedule and advised
    my area was not even scheduled. So, he figured
    anywhere from 1 to 1 1/2 years.

    It is difficult to
    understand how PacBell, which is really SBC, expects to beat
    the cable companies when they can't or won't expend
    the funds to provide DSL access in a community that
    should have an above average rate of potential

    Anyway, just one person's experience. Have to laugh.
    PacBell is running these commercials on TV showing a
    neighborhood in a virtual state of war because everyone has
    cable internet access and the speed has slowed to a
    snail's pace. Well, at least one can get cable internet
    access, and of course, the ads are exaggeration to the
    extreme. Oh, and one last thing. Cox is continually
    investing money on equipment improvements in our community.
    PacBell, not in sight.