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  • gaaptrue gaaptrue Jan 16, 2013 7:45 PM Flag

    Don't ever get become sentimental


    I just happen to read some of the comments on this message board and truely feel sorry for those that can not understand that this company made mistakes a few years ago and it has been bleeding since. The market and technology has moved and RNIN can not keep pace. The same large customers that are mentioned in these notes also recognize RNIN's limited financial strength and may find it difficult to partner with RNIN. At the current rate, it looks difficult for this company to exist for one more year - cash is almost gone. Who buys from a comapny that shows a -151% return on equity. There are better competitors in the market where prospects look. Companies look to associate with success and not to put their business in harms way. Current larger investors probably have written off the business and are looking for external talent to save them. The talent needed do not go to a comapny with $3.4M in the bank with Revenue @ $6+M and an EBITDA @ a negative $5.5M. For those that are long and emotionally attached - grow up and do your homework. KEEP YOUR MONEY. The break up value is very little. There are only people, standard software, depriciated off the shelve hardware, and a Canadian legacy that should not have happened.

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    • I hope you don't have any stock. You were burn't sometime with RNIN. Why this post?
      Why don't you tell us your real motive! Will be looking for your answer.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • If their product was so bad, why would they have the customers they do. Burgerville had a choice and picked RNIN…not the biggest deal, but I know they don't choose losers.

      Sentiment: Buy

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      • The reason they have sales is because they've outspent most competitors by millions in marketing an acquisition. The right question is why after all of this spending there isn't more sales. They have basically purchased sales by acquisition and partnerships (McGill... and remember Newsight?) whether good or bad. Lots of money spent but little to show for it. At some point the money will run out unfortunately. I'm following this more as an end to a long incredible story than an investment.