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  • jpbjjt jpbjjt Oct 11, 2011 6:07 PM Flag

    keep on rejecting Obama bill

    ok, you snob republican congress,you are what is putting the United States in the toilet,you are telling obama that you can't pay a little more tax on your riches that you obviously don't need and flounder around showing off because in truth that is what most of the top wealthy do,a few exceptions such as Bill Gates,Buffett,the late Jobs and a few wall street execs but most of you know who you are and Eric Cantor is the top of the list for being the most arrogant,selfish,egotistical what you call human being on this planet

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    • Let us remember Dems controlled Congress for years before 2010 and did nothing about fixing taxes. Why should I give more in taxes for Obummer and his cronies - when government waste and crony capitalism is tackled, I will gladly pay more in taxes.

    • This isn't a bill, per se, it is a campaign ploy. First, the amount of tax that would be produced is minimal. Maybe it wouldn't even cover the Solyndra loan to his pal that he met 5 times in the White House but NEVER discussed the loan according to Obama, the folks reviewing the loan said it was a loser from the beginning...manufacturing something a $6 a bang and sellin it for $3 was a sure prescription for disaster. Obama says we must continue to invest in 'green technology' what a joke. He has put more debt on this nation in three years than going all the way back to Washington..there's your 'hope and change', I HOPE we can CHANGE the white house residents.

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      • >>>First, the amount of tax that would be produced is minimal. Maybe it wouldn't even cover the Solyndra loan<<<

        Look like the Right Wing relies on their listners being uninformed. If the best you can come up with is 500 Million mistake you are saying Democrats are better suited to run the country. How about the 3 trillion dollars spend by NEOCONS looking for WMD. Or the botched Construction work in IRAQ with no bid contracts. Do you make money on every investment you make. Stimulus more than paid for itself, yet we got a Hundreds of Billions of dollars in deficits on Subsidies and Carried interest Tax breaks.

      • Obama did not belong their in the first place..... First time here,historic here and their... He has agenda different from what our prior people who held highest office..... I bet when he mentioned about taxing offshore assets, oprah winfrey says ' oh, sh$%^^&* , i should not have open my big mouth to endore him "

    • HEY jpbjjt.......who put a catcus up your a**? You must have taken a wrong turn at the NY protest center near the "free food stand" from the left-wing hypercritical socialistic flakes. Go back and turn right this time at the free cell phone charging station, then turn left at the free medical station, then walk past the free sign and face painting station, watch out for the free-pee-in-the-street people and you should be close to you free speech soap box stand when you can vent all night to your hearts delight. No one whats to hear your CRAP here...............

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