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  • silversmithtan silversmithtan Feb 26, 2010 3:18 PM Flag

    will increase dividend next quarter

    next quarter will be a profitable after 3 quarters of losses

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    • I think it will go straight from $0.02 per quarter, to whatever the number is, right away. My $0.50 is NOT $0.50 per quarter, but $0.50 per year. So, the dividend would go from $0.02 to $0.12, in one fell swoop. If it goes beyond that I'll be happy, but I'm not expecting it to. It could go from $0.02 to $0.20-$0.25 per quarter, but I think they'll reserve more cash in the medium term.

    • holycroc26 Mar 15, 2010 3:37 PM Flag

      Do you think it would go from a flat joke of .02, straight up to .50 like that? Or might they incrementally go like 10 cent a quarter

    • Preferred generally always get dividends in a defined amount. Common stock dividends float more. I'm not betting on getting more than $0.02 in 2010 (although it may happen for Q3/Q4), but I would be surprised if it doesn't go up in 2011.

      What it goes up to is the big question. It could easily be $0.50 or more annually.

    • holycroc26 Mar 15, 2010 3:23 PM Flag

      So the preferreds are getting .46 a share. I don't know how it all works, but know that those are more exp with more benefits like getting paid first if house collapses.

      Do the preferreds always get a divi, or is this new? Does it mean the regular shares will see a jump to something more relevant than .02, sometime this year?

    • In your scenario, people will shop more at WalMart (DDR) and less at Nordstrom (Simon). Not all shopping malls/centers are the same.


    • good luck shorts, hang in there. for the past year, JPM and GS have always used HFT to produce green Mondays. today was no exception.

      DDR now has a nice head and shoulders pattern on the two day....

      we're coming to the big moment. not too long now. wish I was gonna be here when it starts.

    • oh, and as far as the "recovery underway" you believe in, that says it all.

      you are a koolaid drinker...who is going to get some wake up call....

      but i'm here for you, and when you lose half your stake in this, I can help you out with some metals and currencies that might help you make it up....

    • well, your use of PaxiePads shows us all how sophisticated you are....

      and as far as 90% of everyone still doing their thing...

      gonna sure be interesting when the 90% oblivious find out that over 3000 local banks are broke due to commercial real estate.

      i think what's saddest about your post is the sheer economic ignorance it shows .... you haven't got a clue as to what is really going on or just how sunk we all are. you can do whatever you want, believe whatever you want, but that isn't going to save you when it all starts really falling apart.

      the wheels are coming off now....but, i urge you to stay long...JPM always likes to really rape the peasantry....and you are going to be a satisfying victim.

    • holycroc26 Mar 1, 2010 3:53 PM Flag

      Well I don't know that I'd say the Real Estate market is just fine, but it will be just fine. Like unemployment, housing....this year is gonna stay bumpy, regardless of the "recovery" that's been underway. That's just what it is, and how it is. The 90% still employed, including me, will keep doing our thing til the our 90% grows to a more normal 93-95%.

      So basically Paxiepads, even in the booming era, we're still playing around with what 4-5%? How often did you hear about those 5-6% in the bubble good days? That was called back page story, if at all. Nobody cared because the PERCEPTION was that everything was great for EVERYONE, when that's never the case. But when things are GOOD, NOBODY wants to hear about those SUFFERING.

      Either way you still have 90% of the workforce out there keeping the ship running, and as the folktale involving King Solomon "this too shall pass". All things come full circle and will again, recovery will not be quick, but recovery is recovery whichever time frame you wanna pick. The 90% will keep doing our thing til the rest of the 3,4,5% get back on the train. That's how this thing life works.

      Paxiepuff, we're here for ya, we'll be here when you add back to our 90%

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