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  • 63 MAL6 More than 50% assets in BRKR...
    Even Bruker family wants to sell BRKR to diversify.
    You must have too much faith in BRKR. What more do tou know about BRKR? What other stocks do you own?

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    • With regard to Laukien family, Frank is the only one I'm interested in. He has bought $8,000,000 worth of stock since Nov. 2008 and in the first quarter 2009 he bought more of his own stock dollar wise than any other CEO. He knows more about BRKR than anybody in the world and currently has no stock for sale. Not a person that is diversifying!
      Then, when you buy BRKR you get $0.80 of sales for every $1.00 you invest vs. $0.60 for TMO and $0.35 for WAT (BRKR competitors). If BRKR improves margins, then this figure highly leverages your purchase as will the new products.
      BRKR represents 55% of my assets and MCF 43% not including house and two cars. Do not believe in is a big lie...last year I broke even while the rest of the country lost 40-50% of their portfolios. The trick is buying a couple of great small companies and watching them like a hawk, the people that told me how much risk I was taking lost a whole lot more than I did in 2008. The lie is how much you reduce risk by buying many companies instead of a couple of great ones.
      I am not always right, but when proven wrong I get out as quickly as I can....sometimes it's tough, but the high returns make up for the losses.
      Best wishes to you and all the BRKR shareholders!

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      • falo,

        I share your optimism about this company. I got out as sort of a near term tactical move, but it might have been the wrong move on my part.

        I also share your sentiments about diversification. The strategy is recommended by people who get commissions for all the "diverse" transactions in your portfolio.

        If the market is stable or rising, diversification is certainly "safer" than putting all your eggs in one basket, but it also limits your potential return.

        When the market crashes, no one is safe.



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