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  • MINCE38 MINCE38 May 28, 2004 7:47 PM Flag

    Simple math

    The best energy play for the next generation? Id say farting into a brown paper bag. No actually, there really isnt any, because yuh gotta believe the big oils have enough money to buy out any upcoming threat to oil and gas forever. Funny daimler chrysler spent billions on fuel cell alternatives years ago and we havent put a dent in oil yet. They will use their political clout to hold it back until "they" can take it over. Its just natural.

    Also, isnt anyone worried that an oil giant like PKZ trading below book value is barely staying even this last month. Shows you the market is no where near recovering. I pray we dont get to a point where every 4th stock is trading at book. That means we had a crash and the naz is at 800. Impossible? Which is more probable? naz at 800 in 2 years or back at 5100? See what I mean? This bear hasnt run its course yet.