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  • iq180plus iq180plus Apr 25, 2005 1:06 PM Flag


    The reason we're down here, the reason bernard bailed, is because the envionment in kazakhstan is horrible. Tugia boys are out to get us, so is the government, and the son in law is working behind the scenes to destroy us and take us over at lower prices. Tugia was interviewed in a newspaper, obviously a government rag, and it was incredible. PKZ were evil foreigners who were sticking it to the farmers by hiking up the refined products, while turgia wanted to give the farmers their product at much cheaper rates. There is actually a political party--backed by our enenmies--who is against PKZ.
    The government is against us, the crookied courts are against us, the brother-in-law of the president is against us, and the likes of Lukoil are against us.
    -Remember, Bernard sold his shares, when from what we know, 50 dollar brent and 160,000 bpd means 12 dollars a share earnings.
    -buying back 5% of the shares means nothing--especially when we knew about it before.

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