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PetroKazakhstan Inc. (PKZ) Message Board

  • dallaspatentlaw dallaspatentlaw Jun 29, 2005 10:57 AM Flag

    Kaz Will Stifle Offers

    I think everyone is overlooking the fact that the Kaz government's ability to come in and take PKZ (or part thereof) at whatever offer someone else has negotiated will stifle offers. Who is going to spend the time and effort to negotiate a deal and get the best price just to have someone else come in and steal it from them at the price they negotiated? The government will minimize the players in this game and we stockholders won't get as good a deal on a buyout.

    My fervent hope is that PKZ does not sell to anyone. We'll do much better in the long run if they just concentrate on running the business.

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    • In any competitive bidding process interested parties always expend their time and effort with no gaurentees of winning in the bidding contest.

      Correct me if Iam wrong, butI don't see any differnce in this situation other than the fact that the KAZ government can be seen as another potential bidder that the interested acquirer's will be competing against.

    • rod07248 Jun 29, 2005 11:37 AM Flag

      If you just take a minute and analyze the first paragraph of your post, this pushes a prospective buyer to make a FIRM, COMPETETIVE offer, akin to a bidder trying to outbid another.

      "My fervent hope is that PKZ does not sell to anyone"

      If you don't get the reasons why PKZ's stock valuation is soooo low compared to peers and inspite of the current price of crude, you better think twice, your wish might be granted and we'll ended languishing back into high twenties to mid thirties.

      The best possible situation for PKZ stockholders is be acquired (at a fair price of course). It's about time to end the uncertainties, the surprises (mostly bad) that the gov't, luke oil has/will throw at PKZ day in and day out. I know PKZ's high intrinsic value, but, enough is enough. We have to move on and enjoy a profit now rather than prolong this uncertainties.

      My opinion only. Good luck to all.

    • The way I see it, there is one more bidder -- the Kaz govt.

      Besides its better for the ultimate winner to have the kaz govt as a stake holder; it will be easy to do business in the country.


    • So those who are selling at 35 today are expecting that china or india are just kidding with PKZ! Or are they just offering price lower than share price now?

      C'mon, does have to make sense. 35 is too cheap for PKZ with with any talks about offer.