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  • foreverwhiteroses foreverwhiteroses Jun 18, 2008 7:44 PM Flag

    Anyone Here?

    Catching a falling knife was exactly the language I used when I told my son I've started a position... Quite honestly, it does feel like that.... I've entered at 10.64 but have left lots of room to add if it goes down... Is that sensible? Only time will tell...

    Of course, the other cliche is to buy when there's blood in the streets.... You gotta believe that both cliches apply right now.....I just feel it will work out better to be in before the bottom than to wait until one is obvious.

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    • i bought in at the advice of jim cramer.
      my third loser ala cramer. no more.

      mgt. was supposed to be savvy according to cramer. that was a joke. leveraging up
      presuming there was a bottom ignoring an
      averaging is stupid. if they attempt any more leverage i will be gone.

      the securities held will not rise in value
      until the underlying real estate begins to
      appreciate. who knows when this will occur?

      if there is not s stability in price soon i
      will take my loss.

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      • Gee, hadn't known Cramer recommended this.... Time to re-exam my decision....... at least I can take solace from your post that he recommended much higher (as usual)... From what I have coincidentally owned that he's reommended (TSRA and NLY), he's a contrary indicator similar to Time Magazine cover stories... Once something hit Time or Businessweek covers, the trend had topped or bottomed.... same with the Booyah Boy...

      • They are doing another share issue. The question is why. Is it to buy more loans and increase assets or is it to de lever because the credit lines / repo agreements are being revoked?

        If it’s the latter than this stock is going to $5. Then you may have a chance to get in. Wait till after next quarter earnings call to buy more.

        Keep in mind this is a small cap stock and can move either direction dramatically on very light volume.

    • I agree, you have to anticipate the turn, rather than wait for it to be glaringly obvious. I just don't think we are anywhere near a turn. I am short this stock, and I believe that you will have an opportunity to pick some up at lower prices in the next few months.
      differing opinions make markets.

      good luck.

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