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  • edblue1083 edblue1083 Mar 31, 2010 7:02 PM Flag


    When the pricing is announced I will wait a couple of days and IF this 'winner' goes down in price I WILL ADD SHARES TO MY POSITION. Going forward this is great news in that CIM is buying distressed property at GREAT prices. "Down the road" this strategy will pay off with huge dividends. OBAMA and his cronies will be voted out of office and AMERICA will (once again) be on a POSITIVE, constructive path to prosperity.
    I have a FULL position now but will take the opportunity to buy more shares at a distressed price due to 'people with a very short-term"

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    • Here is a summary of the Federal Deficit and spending by administration for the last 40 years or so;

      It shows Republican administrations since Nixon have all increased the Federal deficit as a percent of GDP while all Democrats have reduced it. As for increasing Federal spending, the results are mixed for with Reagan and Bush Sr doing better than Carter; Clinton doing better than either of them, and Bush Jr making his predecessors look good.

      Based on these facts...I can only conclude our political choice is between "tax and spend", i.e., Democrats, and "borrow and spend", i.e., Republicans. It is my opinion that the federal deficit is too high, so I must favor a "tax and spend" policy over a "borrow and spend" policy.

      I know these facts are inconvenient and expressing them makes me a RHINO...but let me close with a quote from Barry Goldwater; "Mark my word, if and when these preachers get control of the [Republican] party, and they're sure trying to do so, it's going to be a terrible damn problem. Frankly, these people frighten me. Politics and governing demand compromise. But these Christians believe they are acting in the name of God, so they can't and won't compromise. I know, I've tried to deal with them."

    • Well if who is president doesn't matter for the economy, why waste all this time discussing it. Here is an article from Forbes, hardly a liberal bastion, discussing stock market performance by presidential party;

      Given these facts, I understand why conservatives argue "regardless of who is at the helm, the market is going to perform similar"

    • Regardless of who is at the Helm, the market was going to perform similar in the manner. Don't blame Bush on the economic woes or thank Obama for fixing them, as this was a global effect. You can credit Obama for this if you will, but I don't think the current administration has really done much to encourage a market rally. Obama was far more focused on passing health care then he was on people losing their homes on a daily basis. At least now when your homeless and get pneumonia, you can now atleast get treated.

    • That "hopey changy thing" is working out great! My stock portfolio was negative $48K the last day of Bush on 1/20/09. It's now positive $101K as of this minute. Let's see, that's up $149K under Obama; so I'll take Sister Sarah's "hopey changey thing" any time! Obama/Biden 2012!

    • Maybe or maybe not. The one thing for sure is we now have a Congress and a President who think they have the wind at their backs after passing health care. Get your pens and checkbooks ready as MUCH higher taxes are coming. Since CIM does not pay qualified dividends higher taxes will tend to depress any upward movement in stock price. As Gov. Palin said "how's that Hopey Changey thing workin out for ya"

    • Had we not stuck our noses where they didn't belong, I doubt we ever would have been the target of terrorist in the first place.

    • Hey Ed, My point was and is that Obama is a liberal/socialist and that was his platform as a presidential candidate and senator. I just don't get it why people seem surprised. What did they think they were voting for? Conservative change? No way. He is still much more popular in socialist Europe than in the U. S. By the way our liberal friend Cramer has said don't buy CIM because it is too risky. For us longs lets hope he is making another bad call.

    • whysinkme. You have some "horse sense". Obama
      is not only decimating this economy with higher taxes and more government spending but, also,
      is jeopardizing our national defense. You know, at the rate we are going now our national debt (which is $12 TRILLION currently) will exceed $20 TRILLION by 2020. The Chinese now own over $2 TRILLION of our debt now and are raising concerns
      about the risk associated with our debt. FOREIGN NATIONS at this rate will OWN us. And raising taxes -- wait to the VAT hits and these DUMBASS
      liberals will be the first to bitch. I'm so sick of these WACKOS who don't have a clue to what is going on - they simply watch their AMERICAN IDOL and other nonsense shows and remaining clueless to what is happening to this ONCE great country.

    • ilap,

      Each of your comments are accurate. There are many truthful ways to describe the elements of what happened.

      What always amazes me is the ability of people to talk incessantly about one side of the "coin" and ignore the other side. Economic transactions are like coins - they always have two sides. For example, we hear lots of complaints about people getting houses they did not deserve. But we never hear anyone say that all those plumbers, electricians and carpenters had jobs they did not deserve. :-)


    • >>Clinton did have the proper tax structure in place which contributed significantly to turning over a budget surplus to Bush

      You need some econ training.

      It was the Clinton surplus that pushed the borrowing onto the private sector. It was that higher leverage in the private sector that then caused the recent credit crisis to be so severe.

      Deficits are zero sum. A surplus in one sector is offset by deficits in another. You can see it happening right now. The federal deficits are offset by the surplus in the private sectors.

      You likely will not understand but this is the way it works.


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