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  • irishtothebone44 irishtothebone44 May 21, 2010 5:04 PM Flag

    Jim Cramer is a drooling moron

    nice call in the lightning round you bi polar drooler. "don't buy cim because it can't possible continue to pay an 18% yield." Wow. Great logic.

    This guy is such a hack.

    Even if if CIM's yield was cut in half it would still yield the same or more than the other companies this incompetant fool recommended.

    choke on it Jim.

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    • To all the halfwit Cramer fans who scream that is not the picks that matter, but the total returns, please SHOW US where it says that Cramer has a positive return on his picks, and for how long?

      At least his picks are documented to be less than 50% wrong by an independent third party (guruwatch)

      Think about how moronic the statement "Cramer has a 20% return" is.
      DUUUHHH.. how long did it take him to make that return, 10 years?

      In case you haven't noticed, CIM has a YEARLY return of around 17% depending on the price of the stock.. i guarantee you, that is a better yearly return than Cramer has *ever* made on his stupid picks in years..

      Anyone who believes is this moron, should really quit investing, because you obviously have no f'ing clue

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      • FWIW, Cramer had an average return of something like 24% at Goldman when he ran his hedge fund and although born to a wealth family, he amassed a personal fortune over $200M. However, what he doesn't bother telling people is that he made most of his money selling short, a pick he doesn't speak about on his show.

        That said, I would not invest on Cramer's advice whatsoever—not even with your money tied on the end of a ten foot pole—without first ignoring Cramer and discounting everything he said and doing my own DD.

      • Not one of you moron Cramer bashers provides any useful information here on CIM.

        Like i said Cramer made me more in the last 18 months then any of you Morons probably have in your whole portfolio.

        Get a clue. His show has him make hundreds of 15 second comments to callers. he has to give an opinion on more stocks in one day then most stock pickers give in 1 month. Naturally you will be able to talk about 15 second comments as real recommendations, they are not...

        Why is that none of you idiots refer to the fact that his #1 recommendation over the last 18 months has been Apple up 340% CRUS up 230 % and the list goes on. You would rather pick on a lightning round comment on not to buy CIM. Like that means something. Gee you would have lost out making 20%. Keep in mind you didn't lose any money by not buying, you just didn't make any.

        Why no comments on the facts??

        Probably because you were all too stupid to buy Apple. Just like you were too stupid to get out of the market before it crashed.

        The only things that count as real Recc , are companies he profiles and talks about constantly, not 15 second comments to callers.

    • Is that guy you. There are some good contraindicators out there in this world. I'm in for the long haul. I expect after the October dividend that the next one will be delayed also, paid in January, maybe even Feb., common practice of REITs to help their cash flow. Will be holding for a very long time if the dividend continues at a reasonable rate.

    • Yet another proof Cramer is a mo-ron..
      DIV stays at $0.17...
      i feel sorry for the fools who listen to this moron

    • Well Cramer has around 75M, his own publicly traded company, his own NATIONAL TV show, what do you have, you sound jealous.

      His track record helped Cramer obtain employment in 1984 as a stock broker in Goldman Sachs' Private Wealth Management[11] division. Cramer's success in this position led him to found his own hedge fund, Cramer & Co. (later Cramer, Berkowitz, & Co.), in 1987. The fund operated out of the offices of hedge fund pioneer Michael Steinhardt's Steinhardt, Fine, Berkowitz & Co., and early investors included Eliot Spitzer (a Harvard classmate, one of his oldest friends, and former Governor of New York),[12] Brill, and Peretz.[13]

    • He recommended NLY, which also has a similar dividend AND CIM is managed by the NLY guys. Hey, Jim, do YOUR homework!!!!! Better yet, retire and go play golf with your Goldman guys.

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      • Not being familiar with the reasoning for his recommendations on NLY or CIM, I can only assume it's because they have different strategies. From their 10-Q forms...

        NLY: Under our capital investment policy, at least 75% of our total assets must be comprised of high-quality mortgage-backed securities and short-term investments. High quality securities means securities that (1) are rated within one of the two highest rating categories by at least one of the nationally recognized rating agencies, (2) are unrated but are guaranteed by the United States government or an agency of the United States government, or (3) are unrated but we determine them to be of comparable quality to rated high-quality mortgage-backed securities.

        CIM: The Company’s investment guidelines place no restrictions on the credit rating of the assets the Company is able to hold in its portfolio. The portfolio is most heavily weighted to contain RMBS (residential mortgage-backed securities) with credit risk. The Company chooses assets for the portfolio after carefully evaluating each investment’s risk profile.

    • didn't he give a big boooha to the stock last month....he needs to watch his own tapes.....he loved the stock last month ?

    • I wouldn't know, I don't watch him!

    • CIM back over $4 today.
      Everyone knows Cramer is an idiot

    • Anyone with a half a brain knows Cramer is an IDIOT. You will have a better record by flipping a coin, literally.

      Cramer has a trackrecord of being 46% right, which is worse than flipping a coin.

      If you want to lose money in your investments, you listen to that Mor0n

    • Anyone with a half a brain knows Cramer is an IDIOT. You will have a better record by flipping a coin, literally.

      Cramer has a trackrecord of being 46% right, which is worse than flipping a coin.

      If you want to lose money in your investments, you listen to that Mor0n

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