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  • blair.wagner Jun 8, 2011 5:31 PM Flag

    HAD To buy here!!!

    Would not buy until I hear the "news"

    Rather buy going up than guess where
    it will land. Not easy times.

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    • U R right! Why is CIM dropping like a rock vs it's peers? Every day I figured ..."well; it can't drop any more, but I held off and the next day it dropped more. I read these comments about averaging down. Of course I understand the principal of it; but did they ever hear the saying "Don't try to catch a falling knife"........Of course I bought CIM almost at this year's high and given no new adverse facts since then; there is no reason for this panic sell-off. Unless some really big boys are privy to info that isn't public, then it has fallen victim to the "lemming effect". I will hold while they race for the cliff. What most posters are ignoring is that if volume was say 36 mil today, there has to be BUYERS to match up with all the sellers. So who are the big buyers pray tell and what are they betting on???!!!
      GOOD LUCK to we who believe in the potential of CIM to continue to generate good dividends long term.

    • last 4 posters: exactly my thinking - also notice there've been (past 5 qtrs) 7 to 10 days from div announcement date to ex-date, (announcement should be next week or so) so plenty of time to "load up" at this low range, except if decent div is announced then share price run up will most likely happen.
      If run up begins that may be a signal of buying opp. (unless there really is something us ordinary ones don't know) As Blair says - "...rather buy on up-trend..." (hate to say, but I seem to recall Cramer recommended same a couple yrs ago...)

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