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  • spa_1963 spa_1963 Jun 17, 2011 6:50 PM Flag

    Dividend will be declared before 6/29/11

    Looking at previous months.
    There is no reason to believe there will be no divi actually analyst predict 14.8 cents if you look at the Yahoo info available.
    Also considering they have made a turn towards 50 % agency which is an increase from previous exposure it is safe to assume the company is in no danger of letting us down.
    Combined with all the indsider buying I believe that as time progresses they will turn towards less risky assets and more towards agency. All in all the future looks bright all the last week was really was a panic and a great op to buy buy buy which I did :)
    If this continues or even if it remains at these levels next week I will just buy buy buy more.
    I am going way long here just like the insiders just wish I had as much money as they did and could buy as many shares specially getting in cheaper than they are LOL!!!


    Bye now!

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    • Your post makes no sense. Try again.

      Maybe you will tell us that Christmas comes before Easter this year too? Go on, we're waiting....

    • With posts like this one I'm thinking I need to roll up my pant legs or put on waders as this chit is getting deep.

    • my prediction is the dividend announcement will be out before Labor Day0how's that. most of the people on this board are already wrong as their dividend date has come and gone. maybe there is no dividend announcement from cim yet simply because there is no dividend.

    • Funny coincidence. I sold all of my GLP shortly before I sold the last of my CIM. I like CIM more than GLP, for whatever that's worth. I think GLP is facing a disaster unless oil prices come down a lot more than they have in the past 2 weeks. GLP is a real micro-cap. I don't think I've ever seen anyone post about GLP except on the GLP board, and even there it's infrequent.

    • we wont know until 2.5 months from now anyway. by that time anything can happen with non- agency ABX which half of CIM's book is mapped to. if it swings up CIM will follow... and then we will know for sure whats with CIM book only in Aug/Sept. mark-down is just paper loss. i am betting on swing up as the Fed drives that bus.

    • It is unfortunate that CIM has delayed the Q2 div. Many other mREITS have already announced the div. amount and payment date.

      Why buy CIM when on can buy TWO and know exactly what the div. will be? Same with HTS.

      I'll invest elsewhere until CIM gets their act together.


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      • ""It is unfortunate that CIM has delayed the Q2 div""

        Nothing has been delayed. The board meeting was set for the 24th they will announce after that. Pretty much common practice. If you are worried about REITS, check out recent activity in
        Newcastle Investment Corp. (NCT) Huge one day jump as dividend is announced. There is little, rational, reason to think CIM will have a bad quarter. Everyone needs to relax a bit and wait for results.

      • it did not delay the divy. jezuuzzz! and the earnings were announced on time.

      • CIM has declared on or about the 22nd of month with the ex-date following a week+ later. This Fri. is the 24th. I expect the announcement on or before the 24th., with the ex-date on or about the 31st of June, 2011. What I think didn't help the current affairs w/regards to CIM's p.p.s. was the fact that CIM did not have an SPO after March's ex-div. date. In this business spo's are accretive not dilutive. If CIM made a few bad moves with its funds then a new spo would have brought in new funds with which to buy new "paper". Since the non-agengy investments seem to not be lucrative then and at this time, then maybe a spo in April could have given CIM the opportunity to have bought agency paper to balance itself somewhat. The p.p.s. dropped so far without recovery since the last div. that currently a spo would possible decimate(-1/10) CIM's p.p.s. further. If CIM buys back mucho cheap shares next week, then declares a hefty div. on Fri., the p.p.s. would rise enough and create enough confidence that a spo would be more greatly possible. IMO. FOXY. GO LONGS>>> GO CIM

      • Do as you wish.
        The divi is about the same.
        CIM does not usually declare this early anyway they are not late just not early.
        Can get more bang for my buck here,
        Why switch?
        There is no good reason except to feed the shorts no thanks.
        CIM has 40 plus mil shares short.
        I will wait and see what happens when they cover after the divi anouncement. watch them scramble LOL!!!
        I am so sure next week I plan on adding to my position on dips.
        speaking of DIPS so how was your weekend anyway?


    • Correct me if I'm wrong but haven't they already reported earnings and based in that report they have to pay out a minimum of 90% of said earnings or lose their REIT tax status? I'm at a loss for the posts that claim there will not be a divi or a much reduced divi. My guess is those people are short and trying to beat this down all they can before the announcement.

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      • The 90% requirement is an annual requirement, not a quarterly. So if there are losses expected during the balance of the year, the 90% is based on the smaller annual number, and the dividend can be cut. On the other hand, the 90% is just a minimum, and equity REITs often choose to pay out more than the minimum, although I don't think is common with mortgage REITs. Furthermore, the 90% is based on taxable income, not GAAP income. Core earning are supposed to approximate taxable income, but core earnings don't include any M2M losses. The company is sitting on hundreds of millions of dollars of unrealized losses in non-agency mortgages as of 3/31 and probably more by now. So simply selling some of these loss mortgages could wipe out or significantly reduce the dividend requirement.

        Having said all that, I don't expect any elimination of the dividend. I don't have enough information to intelligently expect anything. The only ones with the necessary info are CIM's managers, and they aren't talking, unfortunately.

    • The board meeting is Friday the 24th Look for an announcement Monday or Tuesday the 27th or 28th. It's not rocket science :)

    • another country hear from-number 15, 345. let me know when something from cim comes out and not speculators.

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