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  • stb8444 stb8444 Mar 27, 2013 6:50 PM Flag

    RKUS vs UBNT

    just look at the profit margin of UBNT compared with RKUS. it is so funny to see how the street is valuing the two companies. over the last 6 months i added more and more to my UBNT position. I don't own any RKUS at the time but they certainly are getting exposure out there for their company which is good for RKUS. we will see what happens over the next year. i think UBNT needs to start looking at acquiring companies to grow bigger? what do you guys think. i am not an expert in tech but i also really like PKT and would like for them to look at buying them out and getting into the mobile data management software business to diversify out of hardware mostly.

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    • It is laughable when comparing these 2 companies. RKUS with a big PE selling in the $20's and UBNT with a low PE, dividend history and low float. I think the counterfitting is still holding them down, but with another great quarter, this one's off to the $30's. Did you see that UBNT is offering trades of RKUS equipment if they replace with UBNT equipment?

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    • I am really hoping they push to expand/promote the unifi line. I know Air Max is there current "bread and butter" but how much growth potential is in the wisp market. I hope there is a ton but I would not bank on it.

      I think the growth potential for the unifi line could quickly surpass Air max with the proper marketing. Ruckus, Aruba, Meru, cisco, hp even Merki have been hitting state wide technical conferences hard for many years especially the ones that related to higher edu and K12. I think if unifi brand name got out there the big boys would have lots of trouble justifying there features when unifi gives you 80 % of there features for 1/4 the price.

      Just some background System Engineer at a medium sized business and have used wireless solutions from CISCO, HP, Aruba, Ruckus and unifi in various deployments from single APs to over 100 APS. Ruckus does have some of best features around but at a cost of 500 - 800 dollars its really hard justify them over unifi. And if there Zero Handoff Roaming feature works as advertised that 80% is more like 90%.

      Hopefully the new Marketing director will do better with ubnt then he did peddling cisco's telepresence but that was a failed technology from the get go, kind of feel bad for him :(. But the good thing is he does know how to get the word out about a product :)

      I do hope UBNT sticks with there core business airmax and unifi, I almost feel like they are already over extending with the mifi and the tough switches. But on the other hand those products are aimed at the wisp market so they can be viewed as the progression of the AirMax Line.

      I can't speak from the investing standpoint on Procera, but we do have one and I love it shapes traffic all day lond without issues was light years ahead of anything that was on the market two years ago. Thing is stable rebooted it once last year for a firmware update.

      Blah sorry for the rambling post just rattling off thoughts

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