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  • skiidady skiidady Aug 3, 2010 5:08 PM Flag

    Aug. 3: 36 Posts, $3,000 Of Shares Traded.

    Congratulations to Maestro and his posse on $84/post ratio! I'm sure you'll all be millionaires soon.

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    • Same clowns bragging and blustering while they couldn't sell shares if they wanted to. Please find a real company to invest in.

    • Now Tyria doesn't even trade. Sad.

    • Sure I'll bet. And just how do you expect to PROVE you made these profits???????

    • Not any of it. Between CEMJQ, CTIC and XMDC I made profits of over $150,000. You can't win them all Skiloser. How about this? I make you a $10,000 bet I made that much profit on those 3 stocks combined, and if I didn't clear that amount, I'll cut you a check for $10,000. If I went over that number, you cut me a check. Are you ready to play? I'm very serious here. Let's see what childish response you come up with.

    • Wow...Looks like we got someone from LODE over here trying to erase my post. Scheqky and the 1 star crew. What a waste of time. Your life is a reflection on the time spend trying to 1 star my posts. You are a worthless POS in the grand scheme of things!

    • What post is that you clueless retard?

      Select one, or are you functionally illiterate? Oh that's right you probably are, because you're still invested in that RAT trap (LODE.of CRAP, FKA GSPG). Looks like they've changed their name to rewrite history as most criminal politicians try to do. Oh yeah, they also R/S their stock 200:1 which will soon to be diluted into absolute ZERO!

      At least with this POS their is no where to go but UP!

    • Recognize this post? "Love these stinky ID's that post republican rants on the HL board. stinky, you ever play that hail to the chief on your banjo?"

      You my friend are the complete useful idiot sheeple to the ruling elite I suspected you were.
      There is no REAL R or D it is an exclusive club that is used to manipulate dummies like you who also probably believe that Bush 1; Clinton GW Bush; or Obama are any different.

      Maybe you should start learning how to play the banjo....Your fingerpicking sucks (you always seem to hit your nostril instead of the string). I guess it's force of Habit.

      Maybe you should educate yourself to who your master really IS....

      Watch and Learn if you have the intelligence:

    • A brain surgeon millionaire who loses 54K on one penny stock and calls himself Brawler and behaves like a junior high school student on message boards. Life is full of surprises. Now you wouldn't have made any of this up or stretched the truth a little, would you?

    • No brain surgeon. I made my money the old fashioned way. I'm an old guy. I didn't invest in my first penny stock until January of '09 I was 54 years old at the time. I'm a blue chip, muni bond, mutual fund and cash guy. I've done very well in he pennies thus far, but I suspect it is mostly beginner's luck. They aren't all winners believe me. I just took a $54,000 cash loss in QASP. My first big hit in my life in investing. It's okay, I will live to play another day. The wins though have greatly outweighed that one loss.

    • BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!! Another penny stock millionaire! These boards are full of 'em. Did I tell you about my Buddy stinky who's a COIN millionaire? He made all that cash while it went from 10 to .60. Go figure.

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