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  • skiidady skiidady Dec 6, 2010 3:41 PM Flag

    Summer's Eve shipment sent to Maestro's posse

    Care of the Tyria MB. That posse must be pretty rancid by now. Merry Christmas!!!

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    • Good Point!!


    • You're not brawler.

      For all of his bragging, he makes sense in most of his posts and uses his alias only on this board.

      If brawler was one of your aliases, one would notice the same sloppy spelling and see him posting on the same boards you infest.

    • LOL!!!

      U KNOW ME!!

      I even tricked brawler intoo buying and holding!!

      oh wait I am brawler!!


    • Did you sell your shares at $0.045?

      They ran up on big volume in anticipation of an earnings report that turned out to be considerably less than stellar, and the price is back to $0.03-0.035.

      Probably will be back to $0.02 - $0.025 by next week.

      Knowing you, you probably did sell at $0.045, while telling folks to hold until at least $0.06.

    • Wow you really are a POS eh!!!! Funny how you stopped posting crap about my pick MTM.TO eh monkey boy!!!! Everyone else I wish a happy holiday what ever your faith. All the best in 2011.

      Brawler, I mean maestro


    • I've been refraining from posting, just reading.
      But this suggested 'proof' by brawler is incredibly laughable.

      Here we have 2 screen names, maestro and brawler, posing and bragging about how many millions of dollars they have.
      Challenging another screen name to an identity verification, the other screen name being accused of being homeless and living in a cardboard box.
      It would only make sense, that with money supposedly being so plentiful to m. and b., and with m. and b. acting like the best of buds - now why wouldn't they just fly out to the money-poor screen name's location to verify their separate identities (not to mention pick up the 100K wager)?
      And if the money-poor screen name doesn't show, well, m. and b. being such good buds, they would have no problem blowing off the no-show and enjoying some quality time together.

      But then, that would make too much sense, wouldn't it?

      Better to go the poor-man's way, and attempt to verify identities in a way that does not require a penny to be spent, even though there is supposedly 100K at stake.


      As I initially stated - this suggested 'proof' by brawler is incredibly laughable, especially by someone who supposedly has so much disposable cash at his fingertips.

    • You ready? I'm pretty sure that the administrators of these message boards would be willing to verify that Maestro and me aren't the same person. I live in Colorado, and Maesty lives in Toronto/Ontario Canada. So, how do you come up with we are the same person?

      You are laughable, and unable to pony up the 100k for the bet. I'm ready, are you?

    • Maestrob8r, you believe anything you read on this board???? Brawler is obviously Maestro.

    • Knock yourself out clown. Let's bet 100K on a message board of a company that has a market cap of less than 700K. Prove it Maesthole!

    • Maestro and el brawler are one and the same person??? SOB...

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