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  • lovengen lovengen Oct 17, 2000 5:58 PM Flag

    Senior Management

    After following this message board for over a
    year, I am curious as to why the board tends to be
    universally bullish on senior management. After reviewing the
    SEC filing 42484, 3-17-00, pages 42-43 ( It gives the
    straight bio's - minus the hype) I have the following
    observations (To access this on Yahoo, on NGEN Quote page hit
    profile, on profile page hit raw SEC filings)
    Brindorf: Phenomenal track record. Hope he can keep it
    2. Leonhardt: Seems to be perfectly suited for the
    job and the needs of the company. Good lawyer, strong
    patent background, excellent technical background.
    Gillahue: I am somewhat baffled on why he was appt. Pres. -
    experience does not seem to add up to mid-cap pres.
    material. Abysmal drop in stock under his watch does not
    get my vote of confidence. Atomsmith's 10033 post on
    price/book ratio diminishes my confidence even more.
    Heller: Brillant. Without him there would be no NGEN.
    This guy must be in the Guiness Book of World Records
    for producing the most exciting patents in the last
    5. Bromley: Based on Retridox 10020 post and others
    it sound like his is doing a great job in launching
    the product. Seems to have very solid and versatile
    sales and mkting exp. (17 yr HP big co.,2 year
    Molecular Dyn. mid-cap co) I like technical chemical
    background and international exp.
    6. Moore: Looks okay.
    Stanford grad (I am biased) How strong is Hitach link
    after just 2-3 years? He left in '97. Unusual gaps in
    bio 1999,90-93,84-86 - but looks like he has some
    good operating and manufacturing

    What exactly happened to Nova, Kitchen & O'Connell? 3
    Sr. departures in 9 months.

    Does anyone on the
    board "really" know any of these guys to give a better
    insight. All my opinions are based on the msg board and
    SEC filings.

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    • Tina Nova and J O'Connell started a DNA ID
      company. I am hoping they are strategically going to use
      the Nanochip MBW as a backbone to their venture. This
      would accelerate our acceptance in this area, which
      will ultimately require that it be proven useful in
      court before universal acceptance takes place.
      think of them as peices of wood in the boiler of the
      little blue engine that will. They are no longer in our
      wood pile but they may still be contributing to our
      head of steam.

      Old Links:
      Tina Nova
      Participating in a Personal identification company- DNA ID for
      the masses.
      can't find link from January. Seems
      like she sold some NGEN shares just before begining
      this company. She may have needed startup

      James O'Connell also with DNA


      Kieran Gallahue


      Kitchen went to

      Byers = early money and forsight, current connections
      =The Gore-Tech

      Heller no refs needed. Brilliant work. please don't

      More available on request but the facts seem fairly
      presented in your assessment. Essentially an evolving team
      of Scientists, Businesspersons, Genius, and talent
      came together and has delivered exactly what they said
      they would do up to this point. The big turn over this
      year seems logically related to Nanogens progression
      from early development to product sales.

      you no doubt already have access to the Nanocard
      holders priveledged area of information- the retridox


    • Gillahue is young, bright and very approachable.
      I'm sure that the young NGEN staff have a good
      rapport with him. His promotion indicates that good
      advancment opportunities exist at the company. Its important
      to keep your staff happy in this hot biotech area. I
      think this was a good move by Brindorf.

      • 1 Reply to atomsmith
      • Atomsmith, thanks for your thoughts regarding
        Gillahue. However, young "Turks" like me, 32, Stanford
        grad, vote with options. We don't give a rat's _ _ _ on
        how bright, young or approachable our Pres./CFO is.
        Show us the money. If our options are
        out-of-the-money, in a big way, we're gone. Trust me, staff is not
        happy when the stock dives 87 percent in seven months.
        (If I am not mistaken, this is one of the most
        significant drops in the biotech sector.)

        I would take
        experience and results any day over the "youth" card. This
        is not a P.R. card that should be played at such a
        senior level. Too much is at stake, especially in this
        market, and when NGEN is aimlessly floating in the $13
        dollar range.

        Experience is going to make or
        break this compnay at this point. Let's hope the "old"
        Wisemen Birndorf, Leonhardt, Heller and Bromley stay to
        see it through.

        Retridox - Thank you for your
        informative post. I missed CFO Burgess. Very impressive young
        "Turk" who left after a year. Do you know why?

    • and up in a few, praise God, but none of the
      downers has disappointed me more than NGEN. I have said
      it before here . . . they have done everything
      right. Either there is a fundamental technical
      limitation to the technology that this very intelligent
      board has not uncovered (but it's known among the
      biologically elite . . .) or MOT is nailing our kahones to the
      wall for fun and PROFIT.