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  • rcunj rcunj Jul 19, 2006 11:24 AM Flag

    Another looser?

    Looks like I bought into another lossing terd. Bought into CODI at it's IPO of $15.00, now here I sit loosing my ass with a share price of aroung $13.50 This is what I get for listing to my greedy broker. Any thoughts out there on where this thing may go in the next few months/years?

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    • I feel very well taken care of with this company. I sleep without worry, the due dilligence they put in prior to buying companies is first rate. Where else can you get a micro cap fund at 10X cash flow. Most micro cap funds scare the S### out of me. 30-40 times earnings, 0 dividend, etc.., these guys are going to make me rich. I will put every penny I have into CODI, take the div. reinvestment option and retire worry free. Any one of out companies could hit the big time.

    • You are too impatient. It's now at $17. I like your broker. Give me his name please.

    • you should thank your broker for making you money with a nice dividend stock

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      • Thank him! I should have already fired his ass. I could have bought this stock for around $13.50 only a few weeks after my broker sold it to me for $15. and claimed it would go to $18.+ with a 8%+ divy in only a few months. What can I say, I was suckered. CODI may eventually get to that point, but it will more likely be a few years instead of a few months as claimed, then again, it may not! As for the divy there are plenty of quality stocks, funds, etc. that pay a lot better divy than CODI. I'm learning, and my broker is losing a customer.

    • Dividend seems pretty good, and I like the portfolio. How long's your time horizon? I buy these things for the compounding and the upside. If it drops a little, that's only that much more stock I'm buying at dividend time.

      PS -- The word is "lose."

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