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  • mthiker2004 mthiker2004 Jun 24, 2009 9:37 AM Flag

    Dilution with no explanation. Something is not right.

    IMO, either (a)we are all being victimized, or (b) there are one or more acquisitions on the horizon. I believe the latter and have been adding for the past week. I still believe we will have an acquisition announcement before July 4th, but that is nothing more than a guess (based on quarter end).

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    • Agree either we are seeing a painted tape or we have very smart management team positioning us for the future.

    • I agree. This is either going to be great news on 1 or 2 big acquisitions. Or something funny is going on and we may regret buying here.

      I really dont see any reason to sell CODI here, yet we have sold off to this low level. We know the divy is safe. We know CODI has access to a large line of credit. We know there is alot of cash on hand to cover any debt payments. And very low debt. Almost too good to be true we are trading here... usually bad news to follow in my experience. I hope not and have a small buy order in at $7.50.

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      • On your "buy order" at $7.50, have you been watching that big Level II order sitting at $7.75 this past 5-6 days or so? If you don't watch Level II, you likely won't see it, but it sits there for about 5-10 minutes on the open each morning, and again on the close each afternoon. It has gradually filled about 80k shares that I have seen, but unless that order is pulled, it looks like it will set a floor for CODI, for at least a while.

        In the past, when I have seen a big order sitting like that on Level II, and I've placed an order slightly above it thinking it would set a floor for the stock, invariably the big order was pulled and the stock plummeted. However, I've never seen an order that size (relative to average daily volume), that was there for 5 trading days.

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