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  • lneedlesb lneedlesb Jan 14, 2010 6:49 PM Flag

    Dare I say it...

    I was watching... *deep breath* Mad Money w/Jim Cramer *exhale*(not something I usually watch anymore, just happened to be watching it just now)... He did a segment where he said "Ford is the only car company I'm recommending". This got me thinking about CODI and what Jim Cramer would think of CODI. I think he would consider it a "buy buy buy". Suprised he hasnt mentioned it before (too small of a market cap maybe?). Does anyone who may watch Mad Money know if hes mentioned it before? Just posting (at my own risk) to see if anyone knows if/what famous stock investors (ex. Cramer, Buffet)think of CODI.

    ...I'll probably end up deleting this post, lol!

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    • I have actuaally read his books which IMO, are far more informative and less theatrical than his television persona. In one of his earlier books, he states he never promotes small caps on tv because they are relatively easy to be influenced by small volumes. My conclusion: He will never favor CODI, DEP, HTGC, etc. On the opposite side of the fence, Peter Lynch, if I recall correctly, espoused in at least one book, how small caps is where the money was made (provided they grew enough to interest the hedgies and MFs, who then drove the price up with their herd mentality). I know some blogs talk of CODI as a mini-Berkshire, but Buffett refused to ever declare dividends. Otherwise, I don't recall every reading/hearing any well known pundits talk about CODI. I think if we can drive the market cap up to close to $1b, by acquisitions, above NAV secondaries, etc., the MFs and hedgies will help push it further. In the meantime, the dividend chasers are driving the price (IMO) and I'm grateful for each and every one of them! (But I sure would be happier to see a couple of nice accretive acquisitions. Sigh .... )

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