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  • retireb4death retireb4death Jul 28, 2011 1:07 PM Flag

    2010 K-1 data

    Afternoon all. I'm again hoping to get 2010 K-1 data to help me project my 2011 UBIT exposure (especially as I'm exposed to a higher degree per share with UAN). I emailed CODI IR asking for the Box 1 number per share assuming a full year ownership, but they just responded with a link to the IR page on the CODI website (well I didn't start there in the first place!). Since I bought all my positions in 2011, there's no 2010 K-1 for me to access after registering there - and so I'm here begging for help from any of you will to share the data.

    I really just need to know the Box 1 amount, how many shares are covered by it and the timeframe in 2010 in which you owned the shares. There was a number of $0.07/share bandied about earlier this year, but there was no supporting data so I could be sure if it was for a full-year's ownership.

    Thanks in advance to anyone willing to share! And for what it's worth, Scottrade definitely does NOT do 990-T filings for you if you own MLPs in IRAs (which I four separate accounts!)

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    • Full year, partial year, 25k shares or 1 share, the answer is the same. $0.00 in Box 1.

      In one small account, 500 sh acquired 2/10/10 and 500 on 5/4/10, held past YE, $0.00 in Box 1.

      In another account, a much larger position acquired pre-2010, with a small addition in 2010 and held past the YE, also $0.00.

      Although you didn't expressly ask as to UBTI, as to the partial year holding it worked out to about $.027/share UBTI and for the full year position it worked out to about $.047/share.

      I hope this helps. If not, say so and I'll see if I can fill in the gaps.


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      • Thank you very kindly for sharing that, Mthiker!

        One more question and I think I'll have covered all the bases that I can:

        What were the per share numbers, if any, in Boxes 14 and/or 16? (codes B/C?)

        This blasted economy makes MLPs such a great investment, but the whole UBTI in a Roth issue makes it more effort since the UAN shares in there have no track record and I can only go from prospectus that 50% of their distribution will be income.

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