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  • mkhiggins mkhiggins Mar 13, 2013 1:42 PM Flag


    Will there be a dividend with negative earnings? Why so small interest on this message board?

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    • You can't pay attention to EPS with companies like Compass. Their business is predicated on purchasing businesses, improving them and making them more efficient, profitable, etc. with the aim of selling them at a large profit. This doesn't count toward EPS the way normal income does. The number you want to look at is CAD, which is what the company reports at earnings time. Ever notice how they always "miss" the earnings estimates by a wide margin? It's because the analysts covering the stock are estimating the CAD per share not the EPS.

      It really is a long term business model, as another poster pointed out. The share price hasn't really done that much for years, but they keep paying out a healthy dividend.

      I myself don't own any CODI, because I am too young for that investing profile but I talked my father into it and he couldn't be happier. As someone else said, buy any big dips so long as there are no changes in the underlying fundamentals.

      Sentiment: Hold

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      • I really don't know why you consider yourself too young to invest in a company that pays a very generous distribution of 9%. Just think what a compounded 9% return will be worth when you are 60 or 70 years old.I had the same feeling as you when i was young,but i learned over the years the benefit of compounding a high return over many years. My only regret is i did not learn that lesson much earlier in my life. Good luck to you

    • Yes. They keep on paying the dividend.Small interest for a low cap stock. That is normal.

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