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  • king_donkegen king_donkegen Jan 15, 2013 6:17 PM Flag

    I sold all of my shares today


    it's overvalued, plus Adag is selling his shares

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    • You made a big mistake. This company has a bright future and will be raising the dividend shortly which will boost the stock price further. Sell you losers and let your winner run.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • I actually sold all my shares too. Could go higher, that's ok. I like the company, and I sold a bit higher than I bought for, a few years ago. While I held though, it was a rough ride. They never really seemed to cover the dividend, but paid it anyway, and the stock price was almost always lower than I paid, often substantially. Dividend raise, maybe. They seem to like paying more than their FFO. Not a great long term plan though. I was glad when, recently FFO covered the dividend. Ideally, the dividend should be, at most, 75% of the FFO. MPW isn't remotely near there yet. So, I sold out completely, and am much more comfortable with their replacement. I do wish the best of luck to any longs here.

      Sentiment: Hold

    • my guess (just a guess) is that you really sold for other reasons...just a hunch. Aldag does not "sell his shares" because of anything negative affecting the company. Imo, yes we've seen a dramatic rise (from the 8's & 9's) in share price, but the business model of owning & leasing medical facilities has long-term upside. As I've stated before, I believe the diversified aspect of the portfolio, coupled with demand for services, makes this a lower risk play than most REITs, gives you a healthy dividend/yield, and takes advantages of the demographic trends in America - Baby Boomers getting older & needing surgeries, cancer treatments, and other specialties delivered. Services provided at MPW properties are necessary vs. elective, for the most part, so I do not see demand diminishing anytime soon. The results, and management's guidance, indicate the same. I will buy more on any signif drop ($0.60-1.00), so hopefully more people feel (though I believe incorrectly) the same as you re: Aldag's sale.

      Sentiment: Buy

    • it's really easy once you've sold to come on the msg board and state your reasons...makes you feel a little better about your decision, I'm sure. Kind of like giving your boss or company a "parting shot" when leaving...which is not recommended.

    • My humble opinion......this one will go higher. It has only recently become evident that earnings momentum and financial health are headed up. Once Wall Street perceives MPW as a reputable REIT in one of the best positioned sectors that one could imagine......and with earnings and dividends only beginning to see true simple math vs other "high quality REIT's": Within the next 18 months we will see a (sustainable/growing) annual dividend of $1/sh and trading at a yield between 4 - 5 % - which means that the share price can/should reach $20 - $25 per share.

      As for the insider trades..........yes, these guys are no doubt cashing in on what these publicly traded companies make available to them at our (the shareholders) expense......well, that said from a guy who works for a privately held company....ok, I get other fringes.....anyway, my point is that it's hard to read too much into these insider sells....

      My bottom line (I have held some MPW for 5 yrs and recently have added significantly to my holdings). Don't sell this one short......still plenty of room to run!!

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