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  • zzwildman zzwildman Dec 20, 2007 12:43 AM Flag

    ARTW in finals for top stock 2007!!!!!!!!!!

    rock n roll shorts hammer is down! motley fool names artw in finals for top stock! great honor for mgmt, employees, and shareholders!

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    • Also, look at DRI and MTRX. Both stocks have been mercilessly hammered. And EXM may never go down to my desired $35 area. I want EXM in my worry-free portafolio and I may have to get it at $40 or so.

      Good luck.


    • That Deep Down stock looks interesting. The only OTC stock I presently own is OISI.OB. I want to buy a chunk to add to my position, but maybe there is a bit more tax-loss selling coming. So I will wait until next week. That company is managed by jews, and those guys usually know how to make money. Sales have been pretty flat lately and pps has fallen to the $0.70 area. But they recently unveiled a new line of products and maybe sales improve during 2008. We will see, it is a risky one, but I like it.

      As usual, my wife decided to go and look at shoes after we went to the bank. I wanted to make a quick $1K or so with TGA, but now pps is back up to $5. I shouldn't have trusted my wife, I knew she had something else in mind. Next time, I guess.

      Volume still sucks for ARTW. It could go either way. Maybe you need to beef up your short position to get some movement. I will get my basket to pick up some more shares if you can get something going. I always appreciate a good sale price.

      Take a look at Network Engines (NENG). I am pretty pissed off at management for failing to create some value for shareholders during 2007. But maybe things improve during 2008. They got some good free cash flow going. It is just that insiders are real parasites and continue diluting the hell out of shareholders, when actually they should institute a buyback, in my opinion.

      I will be around. Good luck.


    • Oh yea DAN forgot DPDW.OB- I have bought it at .76 its now 1.00 and will probably go to 1.25. Just a peace offering.


    • Thanks for the tips :)

    • LOL! I grew up in the seventies and eighties. I wanted to buy RICK at $6 and I did not. I was pouring money into this one and other stocks. I like Petrobras. I have thought about adding that one to my bigcaps portafolio (the one that I do not follow closely). I follow closely my smallcaps. I like FLL and PHC, for instance. Those two I am going to keep for a couple of years. I am playing a very especulative one which is NPLA. All that company needs is an OEM contract or two, and then it would yield impressive returns. There are other smallcaps I like. But I have to go out to the bank with my wife. I will be back later.

      Your short position herer is looking good now. Let's see how low it goes. But volume is lousy, so be careful.

      Good luck.


    • I like you because you use the word brother a lot. That's cool. You must have grown up in the happier times of the 60's. Not being sarcastic or anything. We should be friends.

      Since you have been so helpful I will give you some other stocks that you may want to check out - N (NetSuite), PBR(PetroBras), AAPL (Apple), or RICK (because when times are tough men like porn).

      Hope that helps your portfolio and you don't view me as a complete sour puss. I try to add a little humor to this disastrous fall and the loss of my charity Christmas fund.

    • Could you please post the link. I was only unable to locate this "news".

      • 1 Reply to ElliottInSpace
      • If the market stopped moving today, here would be the top 10:


        YTD Return

        First Solar


        Onyx Pharmaceuticals




        Fushi International (Nasdaq: FSIN)


        Art's-Way Manufacturing (Nasdaq: ARTW)


        Graham (AMEX: GHM)


        TBS International


        Mosaic (NYSE: MOS)


        SunCom Wireless (NYSE: TPC)


        CF Industries (NYSE: CF)


        Of course, the market won't stop moving ... and these stocks could get rocked if market volatility continues to rear its ugly head.

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