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  • suffering_twx_holder suffering_twx_holder Jul 20, 2007 9:40 AM Flag

    I'm confused. Please help.

    I own TWX, which includes TV/Film, Cable, AOL, Publishing.

    Why is TWC being traded as a seperate stock?
    How does TWC relate to TWX shares?

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    • TWX is made up of all those except TWC now. TWC makes up 1/3 of all TWX income. TWC went public on its own about 8 months ago. Time Warner feels, taking each entity and working it individully instead on as a whole works out better for them.

    • Time Warner (TWX), Under pressure from shareholders like Carl Ican, Spun off TWC to add value to the shareholders.

      TWX owns about 80% of TWC and has stated it would look to sell some/most of it's 80% over time .... as it doesn't see cable as the future. This statement was one of the main causes of the drop in TWC's price after the IPO.
      TWX, mind you, who made the dumbest business move EVER by overpaying for AOL and continues to poor money into it, sees TWC as a sell. Good for them. I only ever owned TWX for the cable business anyway.

      I like the stock.

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      • I agree with tropazz. AOL drools and TWC rules.

        Indeed, cable may not be the long-long-term future for home communications, but for the next decade (at least) it will clean up.

        Consider: How many people do you know who don't write a check to the cable company every month? The only thing that worries me is this semi-spin-off scheme. Will TWX use it to abuse its cable profits?

      • hmmm.. first, AOL purchased TW with a bunch of worthless stock. TWX will sell TWC by using its stock to purchase other cable compaines. TWC wants to get as large or larger then Comcast. Its all about the scale of economics, cuting expense, reducing programing cost, etc, etc, etc. I sold my TW and purchased shares in the cable companies that TWC will most likely make a deal with.

    • TWX owns the majority of TWC. When Adelphia Cable went belly-up, TWX and Comcast divided the customers of Adelphia. Part of TWX's purchase agreement was that the holders of Adelphia would get cable shares of TWX; therefore, they did an IPO of the cable operation around March 2007.

      There's also a stock TWTC, which stands for Time-Warner Telecom. I'm not sure what it's relationship is with TWC since TWC offers VoIP (voice over internet).

      Hope this helps...

    • do some reseach and you will find your answer. This spin off was only talked for 2 yrs. Good luck with your research.

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