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  • kbodawala kbodawala Jan 24, 2009 1:42 PM Flag

    Renegotiate your Time Warner Cable Bill

    I am providing all with a link to an article that states that Time Warner Cable is willing to work with their customers because they value their customers. Mr. Alex Dudley of Time Warner Cable stated "The key is to hang on to every possible customer right now" in response to helping customers renegotiate their bills in these tough economic times. So when I contacted him to do the same I was met with just the opposite. He was rude and abrasive and also had the audacity to question my character. If you think you are overpaying and are in need of assistance read the article and contact him at or 212-364-8229.

    Here is the link:,-Let's-Talk

    Make sure you let him know also about your experience with Time Warner if they have ever been rude or discourteous to you. I am creating a list of unsatisfied customers to present to Time Warner management so if you are interested please email me at I would like to organize a campaign to make management realize that they can not hide behind their monopoly. That they must recognize the value of their customers. If you are an investor in this company please re think your investment as history shows any company unwilling to care for their customers are ultimately doomed to fail. Like Warren Buffet says companies with economic moats can with stand and defend their businesses, however a company that does not value its customers will most likely fail. For the time being Time Warner has been able to defend their moat but not thru the excellence of their products but thru their monopoly powers. This moat has been breached by Verizon and satellite tv. It is only a matter of time till customers abandon Time Warner. Do not get caught holding this stock as it looses customers to their competitors. Time Warner has forgotten the golden rule of business, always value your customer!!!

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    • Comcast also negotiates now.

    • It is customers like you that make it difficult for ANY company to keep you satisfied as you sound like you do not like paying for a LUXURY ITEM, something YOU DO NOT NEED.... quit your whining and goto Dish, who cares!

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      • I'm sorry I left Vonage for TWC's phone service. TWC phone service sucks. I get so much static in my line. Every night I have to hang up so I can unplug the line then call the person back to talk. Its really gets old after two months of this chit. The only reason I haven't left is that AT&T's new service isn't in my area yet. It will be in my area in the spring and I will play AT&T against TWC for a better rate. I notice that has TWC increased its rate to $49 per service while AT&T is asking $30 per service. Easy to see why people are leaving TWC.

      • Listen. I have such angst for people LIKE YOU who have to comment on a responsible posting such as the individual above. I go under the assumption that most people have a certain level of common sense, so given that, I assume the person with the initial post knows that cable telivision is a luxury. I know that I fully understand it and willingly pay $150 a month to Time Warner Cable for cable and internet service. For that money, I expect a certain level of customer satisfaction. If I do not receive it, I should be able to switch to another provider. That is not possible if you live in New York City until Verizon FiOS is fully available.

        Next time, get your facts straight before commenting. Also, just because you haven't had horrible experiences with this company doesn't mean that no one else hasn't. I know that I continue to be annoyed by them as I'm sure a large number of other individuals living in Manhattan do as well.

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