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  • commander_salamander39 commander_salamander39 Oct 4, 2009 9:43 AM Flag


    Cnn used to be a fair, unabiased cable news outlet.

    used to be.

    cnn news is now far to the left of the political spectrum. during the election, they practically campaigned for obama. they destroyed hillary clinton during the primary. then, they turned their attention to mccain and sent reporters up to alaska to dig up the dirt on sarah palin and her family.

    just today, they are running a lead story on a texas execution that the republican governor, rick perry, precided over. why now? they are doing their best to sabotage his re-election.

    when the chicago olympic bid was lost by obama, they buried that story. anderson cooper, the news anchor on ac360, only mentioned it 1/2 through the hour-long broadcast.

    don't bother applying for a job at cnn if you are a white male news anchor......they are only hiring black men for news anchors these days. or maybe women of color.

    everyone - switch the channel. cnn is getting worse than fox news. just to the left of french socialism.

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