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  • razor28461 razor28461 Nov 5, 2012 8:25 AM Flag

    Greedy Corporations

    Does any of this make sense?
    Recently TWC announced that they will be charging a $3.95 modem leasing fee so I thought it would be interesting to look at TWC earnings for this quarter which was announced this morning. Here is the article:

    Now take a look at what a shareholder makes if they spend $98.17 to buy a share of TWC stock. I don't have the figures for this quarter yet but here are the numbers from last quarter. If you spent $98.17 to buy a share of TWC stock and you would be paid $2.24 or 2.3% return on your investment. Those greedy shareholders and that greedy Time Warner Company make a 2.3% profit for risking their money. Actually, the corporation doesn't make anything, it all goes to shareholders. Shame on them. They should just close down and put that money in the bank where there is no risk and make .005% or 1/2 cent for every dollar they put in the bank. Of course, we would have to pay more for our cable TV, our internet connection and phones, and put thousands of Americans (and foreign IT support centers)out of work but who cares at least Time Warner won't be making billions of dollars per year.

    My point is things are tough and very few people are making money in the current economy. How can a working person save and invest for the future when the returns from investing is low and the rate of inflation eats up any of their gains. Its tough for everyone. That is why we need new leadership.

    Now, why then did I buy a modem so I will not have to pay more to TWC that needs my money? I am just like TWC, I have to do all I can to control my expenses because I have fewer dollars coming in and more dollars going out. If the economy was better and I was getting a better return on my investment, the $3.95 modem rental would not have been an issue for me.

    Funny, if businesses do well and pay good returns to their stockholders then we have more money to spend, people get jobs, people spend more money, government gets more tax dollars to pay for social services, military, infrastructure, etc. God, why didn't the democrats think of this? I need to call obama.

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