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  • A Yahoo! User Nov 20, 2012 9:11 AM Flag

    Worst service, Value and Ethics in All of Business

    I dumped all my TWC stocks after the worst ever treatment my family and I have been receiving from Time Warner--the meanest treatment by any company over the past 40 years of being a faithful consumer. Our cable and Internet line is out since October 28 and TWC does not give a damn. After days of lying and sending two incompetent technicians who couldn't figure out anything, say nothing of 6 days of waiting for them between 9 AM and 7PM that they did not show up I honestly dont know what to do with this f..n monopolist. How do I best take them to court? please advise guys.
    From the looks of all the insiders selling of the stock, these geniuses know that the whole enterprise (if you can call them that) is not worth a dime.
    Fred N

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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    • If you think your technicians are incompetent, you go out there and try doing it yourself. Yes, some techs are better than others, but because of you ignorance of thinking that your service is simply connecting a coax to a pole or ped, you need to educate yourself a lot more.

      I want to see you go out and adjust the tilt on an amp. When your DQI is below your average, you go out and diagnose it, and get it fixed. Go out and change a tap face plate.

      Waiting 10 hours for a tech to show up is impossible. One hour time frames. Nobody else can match that. When was the last time any other repair person gave you a one hour time frame?

    • Complain to Customer Relations. This is not the place for it.

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      • Agreed. This is about the stock performance, and the company as a whole. Its strategy, plans, its relation to its competitors, the state of the industry, etc.
        Owning a stock based on quality of your service from them is emotional investing. Be careful if that is what you are engaged in. I'm no expert believe me, but you gotta keep emotions out of this.

    • Wow, anyone can say anything here. I'm a New York City customer, and I think the new TWC stands out as one of the most customer-friendly operations out there. Their service calls are now scheduled within a 2 or 3 hour time range...that 9am-7pm thing is pure BS. And every technician they've sent out has been terrific, on all fronts. Friendly & knowledgeable. I've brought malfunctioning hardware to the stores and gotten updated replacements, on the spot. This company aims to please. I've had cable/internet from them for years, and just added digital phone service, free for one year. A pittance after that. I have no complaints. Owned a few share of TimeWarner before the cable spinoff. Just added some more to TWC.

    • Who cares. The stock has had a better run than freaking AAPL this year. Aren't u making enough money from this stock or are you short ?

    • In what area do you live? TW has always been an extremely reliable service provider in NC. Just switched my business phones over as well and it has also been great. Is it a monopoly? Probably. However they just saved me a bunch of money over my previous business phone provider and so my love affair will continue for the next two contract years. Good luck to you.

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