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  • investing401k investing401k Jan 25, 2013 11:43 AM Flag

    time warner business class VS residential bulk service conflict


    Internal conflicts causing a loss in shareholder value as well as customer satisfaction.

    I own a beachfront penthouse condo at the in North Myrtle Beach SC, ref. Act# xxxxxxxxx Many owner's in this building as well as thousands of other buildings In the greater myrtle Beach area are being denied premium services due to the internal competition between business class and residential bulk service departments. My building is a TWCBC client paid for with homeowner funds included in our (HOA) dues by 388 individual unit owners.With that said the recent changes to the channel lineup now require a DTA device to receive all the stations paid for under our master business class account. The problem starts with loosing 10% of our services due to this change. The business class account rep Mary knapp will not provide DTA device or cable boxes to individual property owners thus not only denying premium services to owners in the building but by violating a contract to provide the channel lineup previously negotiated. Having spoken to many owners in the building many have high cost HD as well as 3D television equipment. We are willing to buy additional services such as HBO, Showtime, internet and phone services to name a few. After several attempts to acquire ala carte services thru the residential side of TWC by using the "lets connect" product. The business class account rep Mary knapp will not allow for this to happen, I suspect this is an issue about commissions paid to the rep and not wanting to divide/share the account with the bulk residential side. Unfortunately this does create a problem. First off being a shareholder of TWC this is not building shareholder value as required by stockholders from a legal perspective, it also creates a breach of contract for current service contracts.By not only offering premium services but by reducing services already being paid for and thus breaching the contract that stands between TWCBC and the expanded services offered ala carte by the residential side. I myself am willing to pay for an additional 25 to 100 dollars in monthly services and we have 387 other potential condo owners at this property who may do the same. This would be a potential gross revenue loss to TWC of per month 38,000.00 or 380,000.00 per year.This is only one resort of many thousands of condo resorts on the grand strand. I hope you understand the semantics of this issue could potentially be reducing annual revenue by up to 38 million dollars in the grand strand market alone. In addition this is causing a customer satisfaction issue. Why? So a sales rep can make a few bucks and deny the full host of services offered by TWC to customers with cash in hand. I think this issue could be corrected without much effort by TWC as well as being both in the customer best interest not to mention shareholder value.

    My phone is xxx xxx-xxxx Ask for xxx

    My wish is for this not to fall on deaf ears. I do now wish to persue other avenues to correct the roadblock but we live in a world where shareholders could be informed of these issues without much effort on my part.

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    • Hard to take someone seriously when their letter has so many errors.

      You got off to a blazing start: I own a beachfront penthouse condo "at the in" North Myrtle Beach.

      The problem starts with "loosing" 10%....yeah loosing is a problem. You #$%$ the potential loss per month at $38,000, or $380,000 per year (FYI there are 12 months in a year, not 10). Regardless your figures assume that 380 of the 387 tenants would be willing to pay $100 extra per month. In addition, you assume that many of the condo resorts on the grand strand have the same issue as you. Both are highly unlikely.

      Finally, I'm sure TWC is concerned that "I do now [sic] wish to persue [sic] other avenues..."

      These are just a few of the comedy of errors in this letter. Good luck making waves and being taken seriously. You should send your letter to the Attorney General. I'm sure they need a good laugh too. Look forward to more of your posts, please keep them coming.

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      • So glad you got a good laugh... Im a disabled veteran and do struggle with my spelling, typing and such. Im scheduled for an amputation next month and my pain meds don't help the communications skills. Either way i did receive a quick response from TWC executive response team. I guess someone took notice. Its nice to have a company as large as TWC hear my voice and take my legitimate issues to heart both as a customer and shareholder.
        Big thanks to TWC for stepping up. Also again im glad you had a good laugh at someone elses expence.

        God bless

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