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  • wallstreet_jim wallstreet_jim Feb 19, 2013 9:28 PM Flag

    Time Warner SUCKS

    I represent one of the millions of Time Warner customers that do NOT have a choice in internet provider. I am stuck with a monopoly that, quite frankly, I wish would implode into the Earth. For over two decades I have endured TCI Cable, then Adelphia, and now Time Warner. Whether it was the Rigas family or the current executive management of TWC, the results have been the same - lousy service, high prices and constant monitoring of my bill for "mystery" charges.

    Never in my life have I seen such poor service. Only a monopoly could get away with this. Thankfully, this may change soon. I now have a couple of WiMax options competing with Time Warner. It can't happen soon enough. And to those that own this stock and think this is sour grapes, think again. This is a trend. People are increasingly dropping cable and choosing other options. Homes are teaming up and sharing high-speed connections to reduce their bill (I am within range of 5 neighbors - we could cut our bill by 80% each by sharing). $150 plus cable bills are not sustainable. Something has to give.


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    • I agree. My new bill went from $119 to $138. In the past they would work a deal to keep a 20 year customer but not anymore. They would not budge when I threatened to disconnect. I am trapped with kids with I-Pads.
      I hate that company. I will find something else.

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      • There are other options. Price out what it would cost to go to a WiMax (4G) hot spot and dump the TV channels. We did and we're not looking back. We're sick and tired of the monthly outflow for what is increasingly less of a value. Part of the blame goes to the content providers, who are gouging the cable companies for their content (case in point - ESPN, which to me is a completely useless channel yet costs TWC about $3 a head to carry).

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