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  • a.hudkins a.hudkins Aug 17, 2013 4:51 PM Flag


    I have been with time warner for over 25 years they lost showtime and klac and now me--going to switch to direct tv

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    • I think a lot of others will begin to look elsewhere for cable and internet services. We have been TWC cable customers since 1977 and find these tactics disgusting. I really do not know who is most at fault but I am more than willing to pay for quality service - even if it means a rate increase. What I am not willing to accept is lousy service, missing channels, slow responses and difficulty accessing help.
      TWC is having a similar dispute with a local NBC affiliate in my area. I wonder how TWC likes to lose its own customer base?
      We also have additional problems with TWC. For example, back when they had excellent procedural programming for the DVR, they reprogrammed it. Now, if you try to do ad hoc recording to get perhaps a small segment of a show without recording the whole thing, you will find things that do not work as you wish they would. If you are using all of the channel paths or have scheduled recordings within the time frame of the show from which you are trying to extract and record a small segment even though that segment will not extend into the scheduled recording time, the system will not allow it. You will have to temporarily disable one of the scheduled recording by cancelling it - then do your ad hoc recording - then go back and redo the scheduling of the program you had to cancel.
      If you want to record just a few minutes of a program that is longer than the amount of recorder space you have left even though the few minutes that you want are no where near the amount of real space you have left, it also will not let you do it.
      There are many situations like that which worked perfectly fine before they "fixed it". Now they do not work.
      Also, we have one of their DVRs (made by Scientific Atlanta) and recently had to replace it because the picture would shake so bad we could hardly watch it (on a 56" HD set). It would also turn the set off randomly and finally would not even allow us to play back recorded programs. Now it is even worse

    • If your are in Los Angeles and a UCLA or USC fan--a word of warning. Direct TV does NOT carry the Pac-12 network. Same problem as TWC v CBS--been going on over a year. I still say this mess will be settled by Labor Day. Bad news for Dodger fans is that CBS KCAL 9 is off limits--hence all 4 games from Miami are out.

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