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  • jahtoyou jahtoyou May 5, 2006 1:52 PM Flag

    Somebody knows something..........

    by the looks of the trading, we shall see hopefully its a long hedge fund!

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    • Nobody knows squat!'s the latest Pump Palace run!....The news is the same as last month, last year, and 2 years ago!....Environmental problems will put the 'kabosh' on this stock! profits?...take 'em!

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      • From the Desk of Peter Grandich

        Lots of calls and emails regarding Northern Dynasty (NDM-TSX-V, NAK-AMEX). There�s a rumor circulating that a major is preparing to purchase either a stake in NDM or the company itself. Obviously it�s only a rumor at this point. But keep in mind the gigantic size of the deposit, what�s happening in certain areas of the world that makes mining in Alaska much friendlier, the price of gold and copper and the fact that the company is doing step-out drilling on its East Zone. I also think it was very interesting that both the Governor of Alaska and Rio Tinto were quoted in the papers to be together talking in London with NDM - hmmm .

      • you know less than squat. you have bashed since 5 dollars, and now you are stuck with your losing position. deal with it...

      • The news is the same as last month, last year, and 2 years ago!! This is the largest mine in North America and currently 2nd largest in the world! Soon drilling will define it as much larger!! Possibly the largest in the world!

        The dumb ass bare assed loser bob is losing his mom's money, still at home sponging off mom and never working like a decent respectible person........get a job you loser!


      New York (MarketWatch) -- The South American shuffle isn't the latest dance craze in Latin America; it's the move by key countries on the continent to protect vast resources now in burgeoning demand.

      The populist sentiment in South America is growing and leaders are listening -- especially those with vast resources. These countries feel they must act to protect and maximize value for the commodities in each nation. Drastic action has included nationalizing resources or offering ridiculously low profit splits. In some cases, 82% of profits go to the government and 17% to the company doing all the work. This is clearly an untenable situation for many companies doing business in Latin America.

      Thanks for the help... now get out!

      That should be the slogan at the chamber of commerce in Bolivia, and several of the other South American countries too. The most recent action, Bolivia's decision to nationalize oil and gas reserves, is just the latest in a move by several South American leaders to regain full control over their country's natural resources.

      Making good on a campaign promise made earlier
      in the week, Bolivian President Evo Morales nationalized the country's vast oil and gas reserves, positioning military at oil and gas installations. The move sent shivers down the spines of chief executives whose companies sank hundreds of millions of research and development dollars into digging, drilling, and exploration. Now that the resource pi�ata is full of goodies, not only won't they get a swing at it -- they aren't even invited to the fiesta.


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