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  • drw1920 drw1920 Sep 24, 2007 8:14 PM Flag

    Summary of Presentation

    There was really no new information presented today. They just showed all the same slides that have already been presented. He said the drill results need a little more time and would be out "soon".

    He did say there were "no surprises" in the drilling results and that Pebble East is a world class deposit.

    They have not decided on how they will actually develope the properties yet and will not make that decision until the drilling in Pebble East is done.

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    • The 2006 drilling program at Pebble East expanded the north-south length of the deposit to over 7000 feet, with grades over this extent consistently exceeding 1% copper equivalent. The deposit remains open for expansion to the north and to the south across a width exceeding 4000 feet. Importantly, significant amounts of high-grade copper minerals (predominantly bornite) were intersected during 2006 in the northern most holes drilled and also in holes near the southern most area drilled. The presence of significant bornite mineralization in these holes indicates their proximity to mineralizing centers which are open to extension and appear to be strengthening to the north and to the south.

      Northern Dynasty met its target of early February to re-commence drilling at the Pebble Project site. Four rigs are now active, with plans to ramp up to 8 rigs by April.

      The 2007 program will focus on Pebble East and consist of two components: delineation drilling and infill drilling. Delineation drilling will contribute to further expansion of resources and the infill drilling will upgrade the classification of known mineralization. Delineation drilling in the order of 100,000 feet will focus on extending the Pebble East deposit to the north and south and also define its eastern and western limits. Infill drilling, comprising approximately 150,000 feet, is also planned with the focus on upgrading the resource classification of the highest grade 1 billion tonnes of the deposit.

    • Don't be too sure these "pumpers" aren't just Fres/Bob creating a conversational tone to underpin their pathos.

      If a lower stock price encourages a takeover by a much larger and more powerful company that is more likely to put the mine into production, and the bashing on this message board results in a lower stock price, then Fres/Bob should be send a thank you card for all their diligent efforts that will cause Pebble to be mined.

      Thanks, again, Fres/Bob.

    • Texas,

      Thank you for clearing that up. I agree with you completely about how NAK's opponents are distorting, misenterpreting and even lying in order to try and sway investors from owning NAK stock. I also agree that "honorable debate" is also not a common practice from the bashers on this board. I must also say, however, that there are a couple people on here who I consider to be "pumpers" as well.
      I try to directly address the bashers or "call them to the table" when they try to use fear, lying or spin facts in order to accomplish their goal. I find that usually when they are directly challenged for what they post, that they either don't respond or resort to name calling.
      As a shareholder in NAK I want to know as much as possible to make sure that I am making the right investing decisions. That includes positive and negative information.
      It's too bad that all of the "real" investors who read this board have to sort through so much junk in order to get any useful information.
      It doesn't take long to realize who on this board are genuine and who are here because of other motives.
      Thank you Texas for being one of the posters on this board that I can count on to give genuine information and opinions.

      Have a nice day.

    • Sorry for the confusion.

      I was referring to what I thought was "Warrant" agreeing with Fres.

      Pebble's opposition loves distorting and misinterpreting facts and I don't think it is out of ignorance they do this. Honorable debate seems to be a "foreign" idea.

    • I interpeted the "no surprises" comment to mean nothing negative, and he used the term 'very high values".

      Seeems to me, he also stressed the abnormality of the current fractional market value of NAK , in light of the grotesque scale and comparative size of their deposits at Pebble ( vis a viz other known monster deposits) on planet earth

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