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  • universalhack universalhack Dec 31, 2008 1:22 PM Flag

    NAK Value: $1016 Per Share (Gold Only)

    94 Million ounces of gold with gold at $1000 per troy ounce.

    92.5 million shares outstanding.

    $94 billion divided by 92.5 million is $1016 per share.

    Gold is in a bull market with a minimum target of $3000 per ounce.

    The price of gold per share: $3000 gold is $3000 value per share. Gold ends at $6000 per ounce then that's $6000 per share in gold only.

    Pebble Project has 94 million ounces of gold. Gold is currently at $877.50 making each share worth $877.50. This is a homerun stock.

    100 shares of NAK at $877.50 is a value of $87,750. With numbers like these, you keep buying.

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    • rcgalaska Jan 12, 2009 5:04 PM Flag

      aint worth zip unless they get permits and it comes
      out of the ground !!!
      similar to Ivanhoe & EGI's deposits in Mongolia,no permits,
      still in the ground, aint worth zip

    • I agree that PEBBLE is a World Class Property and will be very, very, very, valuable. However your rationale on establishing a "share" price is not very accurate.
      One must be careful of "cherry-picking" metals prices, it never seems to work out that way. The value of the metal insitu is only a piece of the overall puzzle. Little things like getting the metals out of the ground and to market need to be factored in as well. Not to mention 10+ years of proving the reserves, building a "deep sea port", building 160 mile (?) road, living accomadations, etc. etc.
      Please don't get me wrong, your enthusiasm is admirable and warranted. When dealing with commodities such as metals anything can happen. What is truly refreshing for me is to see a World Class Property such as PEBBLE right here in the US, and in a Mining friendly area such as Alaska. I believe this venture shall prove to be a very strategic for America, and very profitable to those who get in early and remain patient. Don't expect quick/large returns, utilize "MAD" money, leave it alone, and you should do quite well.
      I trust that this posting compliments yours my friend. Good Day ! ! !

    • your figures are different from what you said a year ago. Been busy with your calculator, doing 'DRY MINING' ?

      Anyway you are fun to read. Still living on 'Fantasy Island'? plane, de plane!

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