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  • hapiwondrer hapiwondrer Sep 11, 2011 6:43 PM Flag

    For Sale:Half of an environmental catastrophe

    Hey Goldie,

    You used to post on the Yamana message board. Your opinions are well respected, but it seems that you probably sold your positions there before the recent run-up in the AUY share price. If that is the case, aren’t you a bit sorry for having done so?

    Or maybe it’s just that the AUY board has deteriorated content-wise because of posts from Client9 and peteyluvssilver that at times fill nearly half a message board page with absolute unrelated garbage.

    By the way, many are predicting a downturn in PM prices because the sector is overbought. That prediction, however, comes at a time when seasonal prices nearly always trend upwards. However, when dealing with fiat currencies, division by zero is still infinity, except for the moderating intervention of banksters.

    On the point of your post about environmentalists, it is always amazing that this largely anonymous bunch has so much power with the politicians. If they are so powerful why aren’t their minions identified by those who oppose them? What are their connections to politicians and the media? Corporations in the mining industry that have considerable financial power, it would seem, should have a more effective counter to environmentalist “power”. Or do environmentalists in the manipulation of all things political have positive impacts on the interests they seemingly oppose that remain largely opaque to public view.

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