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  • lvsmakesmerich lvsmakesmerich May 19, 2012 3:48 PM Flag

    EPA Draft Statement

    This article suggests the Feds more than likely will use the Clean Water Act to block mining by the project and 7 other projects in the area. Owning this stock is extremely risky. Only a Romney election would give Pebble a chance; even then slim. Just Saying.

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    • Pebble has more of a chance of being developed than Romney becoming president.

    • I read the EPA Draft Assessment Report and ere is my take on this. I am investor with LBSR and NAK as they are tied to the hip with a pending LOI for Joint Venture at 'Big Chunk". I am not sure if you all know about Big Chunk, which is teh next door neighbor to the Pebble deposit. There is a lot of history behind LBSR/NAK/HDI going all the way back to 2004. Anyway, my take from reading the EPA assessment is Pebble has the most impact when it comes to EPA concerns on Fish and WildLife habitats. Of all the "large deposits/prospects" in that area, EPA report indicates that Big Chunk has the LEAST IMPACT. This is my post on the I-HUB board. Please feel free to read it as it would help you all to understand Big Chunk.

      Now, NAK/HDI has signed an LOI with Big Chunk back in 2010 and if EPA pushes hard on Pebble, then it could years before any legal battle settle between EPA and The State of Alaska. This might be the reason why NAK/HDI has Big Chunk in their back pocket. Around $400Million+ is at stake for NAK/PLP in Pebble and I don't think they will wait "many years" for the returns when they can capitalize "Billions" on their next door neighbor Big Chunk while they wait for Pebble issues to settle legally. No one knows what would happen to Pebble at this point. EPA cannot and will not stop entire mining in the district as their current focus is only on those two Salmon spawning anadromous streams and its connections.

      NAK/HDI have options to capitalize on Big Chunk if Pebble gets dragged out by EPA.

      Liberty Star Uranium and Metals (OTCBB:LBSR) owns Big Chunk. SRK Consulting recently completed a NI 43-101 style report for Big Chunk that validates the Geology and indicates Big Chunk has 7-11 Pebble sized targets worthy of further exploration.

      If NAK announces a solid JV with Big Chunk, then just imagine what will happen to both NAK and LBSR stocks. They will SKYROCKET!! Please do your DD on Big Chunk and LBSR! I just felt I should share this with this board.

      Good luck!

    • The timing is horrible. Institutions are liquidating risk. I got stopped out of Molycorp on Friday, the selling has been relentless.

      My guess for the starting bid for the open on Monday is $2.85, with the stock getting hammered down to $2.00. If NAK is smart, they'll hire a newsletter promoter to send out a buy alert on Sunday night to help soak up some of the morning selling. If it hits under a dollar, I'd probably buy back in because I know some newsletter writer or P&D shop will take advantage of the resource estimate, find the next wave of marks. At least that's a way to make some of it back.

      One bright spot, the executives became multi-millionaires during the last few years. Raise your glasses for a toast tonight, they probably are.

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