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  • jrad52 jrad52 Jan 14, 2013 6:48 PM Flag

    Pretty sad

    I let my various subscriptions to Value Line expire over the past 6 months, largely because I had so many problems with its web site. This morning, I tried to subscribe to 1 publication and got an error message. So I tried to subscribe to numerous publications on the site, and got alternating error messages - First says "We're Sorry...Object reference not set to an instance of an object." whatever that's supposed to mean. And the second is longer but it essentially says Thank you for your interest in our Professional Investor services (which isn't what I was clicking on, by the way) ; an institutional sales executive will contact you. Since I hadn't given any personal information at that point, no one from VL could possibly contact me, even to find out I'm not interested in the professional investor services." But it was not possible to subscribe to any of their publications thru their web site.

    Anyway, no big deal, company web sites go crazy all the time. So I emailed customer relations and told them of the problem. I didn't expect a reply (which is good because I didn't get one) but I did expect them to get the web site fixed. Well, 10 hours later and you still can't subscribe by internet. I guess you need to call them and do it the old fashioned way. Since my reason for letting my subscriptions lapse in the first place was their web site, I don't intend to do that.

    My point in posting is just that the daily ops seem to have fallen apart more than I realized. And to ask if anyone knows of a good, general, service for stock options.


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    • I'm having the same problem with their web site in the past few months. Things are just getting worse and worse by the minute.

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      • Why would anyone base investment decisions on a single customer experience? I've had bad experiences at nearly every store where I shop, but very rarely do I stop shopping there. Valu Line's best hope is another age where people actually care about the stock market. With put/call ratios at March 2009 levels among equity option traders, this bull leg could last for years, and the subscription levels should at least hold firm if not accelerate as people get back involved with the market. In the meantime, although I bought a little higher around 12, I'm still collecting a nice dividend. Since I don't reinvest the dividends, if they can keep paying it for a few more years, I will have made back almost a quarter of my initial position in dividends alone. The most I could lose is 75% if the business dies. The longer they stay alive the more cash is returned to me. The bet here is simply that the bull market is still in the early stages and at the very end, there will be a lot of exuberance and interest in services like Valu Line.

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