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  • tfitz71 tfitz71 Jul 23, 2013 9:53 AM Flag

    Institutional ownership

    Just noticed that as of 6-30-2013, institutions own 399,500 shares of Vasomedical (.24%).

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • tfitz, thanks for the info.

      In a very small way I think this is a bit positive. That amount, 399k, or .24%, is a pittance and, at todays price amounts to only about $70k..

      This means there is not a possibility for the institutions to abandon vaso and do a whole lot of selling since they don't own much. On the other hand, if any really good news come out about vaso they could be potential large buyers.

      A factor that keeps some institutions from buying is the low price. Many are prohibited from buying stocks below a certain price ( say $1 or $5 ) to keep the funds from speculating. If vaso can reach and hold above some of these thresholds they create the possibility of more funds buying vaso.

      In the meantime we still have the incredible constant seller. I can't determine the rational behind the selling. Sometimes I think accumulators sell at times to keep the price low while they accumulate. But that can't explain all of the selling.

      But fundamentals continue to improve, management appears to be confidant about vaso's future, and there does not seem to be any imminent possibility of bankruptcy. At current prices risk appears to low.

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      • pj, I hope you are kidding with that post on insider ownership.
        Its important for shareholders here to realistic and show their dissatisfaction with stock performance over the last 3 years and management pay. It is stupid to put out pollyanna statements saying we trust management and hide behind long term platitudes.
        Management should be as outraged as we are about dismal stock record and waste of company shares under failed initiatives of the last 3 years. Stock buyback is great and ge agreement is great, but Ma is wasting chance to get eecp to the head of the line. And his pay and Hill's pay is totally unjustified; stop hanging your hat on the ge agreement done years ago ! ! ! What have you done lately?????

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