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  • amiretiredyet1 amiretiredyet1 Jul 3, 2013 10:10 PM Flag

    A Big Misunderstanding


    Here’s the fairest possible comparison of previous Clive-90Y results to today’s results:

    Clive-90Y + Low Dose Gemcitabine – Patients Receiving Multiple Cycles

    ____________No. of Prev._______Time Since________Median

    Advanced_______0________”newly diagnosed”_______11.8 mo.
    Metastatic_______3______________19.2 mo._________5.2 mo.

    I contend that the 5.2 mo. Result (157 days) is good news – not bad news. It should be enough for approval (if replicated in Phase 3), given this combo’s superior tolerability vs. the alternatives. And its superior tolerability should make it a very popular drug for 3rd line patients and more. Comparing the 5.2 mo. result to the 11.8 mo. result is like comparing apples to orangutans, because of the 3 enormous differences shown above.

    The fact that the Clive-only arm was not a true control group may have added to the market’s confusion.

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